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Master Bedroom Mini-Reveal

I have posted bits and pieces about our latest project (here and here) and now I think we are ready to actually post some pics. It is not officially an "after" as we still need accessories and some other key things like doorknobs but at least it is somewhat put together. Also this is phase 1 of the renovation. Phase 2 involves a new (canopy) bed and dressers in black. Eventually (phase 3) we want to put in hardwood floors, scrape the popcorn and possibly add wood beams to the ceiling but those things cost money and our goal right now is to make it presentable on the cheap.

As you can see there was no need to decorate for Christmas

Red, green

The green itself was not a bad color but their painting job left something to be desired

Our dog barrier while we were painting

I am so sick of painting windows....15 down 6 to go

Almost done with phase 1:
How does anyone get their duvets to look unwrinkled in pictures....I had just ironed so I obviously have not figured it out. Also the frame on the blue picture is the same silver as the mirrors so I am not sure why it photographs differently.

The TV's current home until we can get a new flat screen

The wall for the flat screen

Our new couch...still need to finish another throw pillow

I have no idea what to do with that upper space....I would leave it blank but the way the lighting is it needs something

Still need to add more accessories on the nightstands and dresser

So excited about these drapes....lined and interlined faux silk...$21 at Wal-Mart....score!

new fan (obviously)

Right now I am loving grays and this is painted Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. I am so happy how the color turned out and I think it will look even better when we finish getting things on the walls and accessorizing. The bed and dressers are left over from old house and I think the canopy will look awesome when we get it. I think it will help to fill up the vertical space and bring down the ceiling.

The couch, nightstands and coffee table were the only new pieces of furniture we bought. The "nightstands" are actually end tables but we wanted something that did not scream nightstand and would also match the new bed when we get it.

Budget Breakdown:
Lamps-$100 (49.99 each at Homegoods)
Mirrors- $40 (19.99 each at Walmart)
Art above bed- $72 Homegoods
Curtains-$84 ($21 each at Walmart)
Curtain Rods- $40 (19.99 each at Target)
Ceiling Fan- $150 Home Depot
Paint- $65 Sherwin Williams
Bedding- already had
Black rug-already had

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for that ledge!

New Home Store Find

I never thought I would say/type these words but....

I might have found a store that ranks up with Homegoods in cool home stuff and price.

I know, I can't believe it either but let me give you the scoop. I was driving to a different Wal-Mart this weekend in search of a final curtain panel for the master bedroom when I saw the JCPenney Outlet Store. Now I have seen this store before but assumed it was just clothes so I had not ventured in. But for some reason on Sunday I noticed that there was a line of cars in a pick-up area to load. Hmmmm...people would not be pulling up pick-ups and SUV's to get clothes. The parking lot was packed but I ventured in. The inside did have a lot of clothes but the back had a lot of housewares and there was a whole side area with furniture and accessories. Was it as nicely organized and presented as But they had so much stuff laying around-beds, patio furniture, desks, chairs, mirrors, lamps, tables, armoires, sheets, rugs etc. This stuff was moving fast. I found a mirror I liked and by the time I circled it was gone. I also was eyeing a modern desk (while hearing Derek's voice in my head saying "where are you going to put that") when a another girl walked past me and sat on it. So if you are going to get deals get there early, bring a buddy to stake your claim and be prepared to spit on/lick things if you want to reserve them.

I did score a new light fixture for our guest room. Is it exactly what I But it was just 30 bucks and for that price I can make a few modications to make it what I want.

The box (the price says 29.99 in case you can't see it)

The previous light fixture, a single can light.
The new (cheap) light fixture
Since it was a recessed light, we had to put on an adapter to put a normal light fixture back up. I am thinking about covering that with a ceiling mediallion. Also we had to take the top portion of the light fixture off because it was hanging too low. I am also thinking about changing out the shade to a straight drum shade in white and possibly spray painting the metal chrome. But I am going to live with it awhile before making the decision. Even with modifications, 30 bucks was a steal.

And I will be back JCPenney Outlet store, next time with reinforcements.

Before/After- Office

Welcome to Anything Pretty Headquarters.

It would look more realistic if HGTV was on the TV and a glass of red wine was on the desk.....but I trust you can use you imagination.

The original color in this room really wasn't bad but the trim was, of course. Also the crown molding was really puny and there was no overhead fixture which made the room very dim at night.


During:Adding another layer of crown and testing paint colors.


This room was originally designed to be a formal living room, but we knew would never use it for that. We are not that kind of people.

So we tried to make a home office that was functional but pretty enough to be by the front door. Eventually we will probably add french doors, but since the doors are an odd size that will be pricey.

I am toying with the idea of adding a rug, but I am not sure if it would make the space look too small. Also I am torn about how I feel about rugs on top of carpet. The color in this room is Sherwin Williams Ivoire. I also tried Blonde, but it was too yellow for what I was picturing.

I have tried yellows before, and I have to admit, this is the first time I got it right. On the paint chip it looked really cream and not bold enough for my tastes.  But on the wall it really reads yellow and turned out perfectly.  Who knew yellow could be so difficult?

Where We Got Stuff:

-Drapes-Target- around $20 a panel
-Ceiling fan-Home Depot- $40
-Art-our photos printed in black and white
-Furniture- Nebraska Furniture Mart (see a theme?)

Before/After- The Family Room

I wish I had taken the time to take more before pics of this pretty room. It would even be better if I had pics with the seller's furniture so we all can take in the view with hunter green and mauve couches as well as fake sunflowers.

Just picture that for a minute....

OK try to stop shuddering at another room with terrible colors paired with red.

Some of the trim in this room was painted white....but looks can be deceiving. They put on one coat of primer, dripped it all over the place and then called it good. The ceiling fan was not properly anchored and the fireplace was living in the 90's in all it's brass and honey oak. The one thing that this room had going for it was it did not have pink blinds like all the others. Small Victories.




family room
So what did we do?  Well first everything was painted obviously.  The trim got the the proper sanding and priming and painting.  And the walls were painted Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage.  Because of all the doors, furniture placement in the space….well was interesting.  But after many many attempts and me saying “it is just not all going to fit” numerous times (and some cursing), we made it all work.

family room
New ceiling fan was properly installed and anchored.

The fireplace was probably our biggest DIY in this space.

family room

Ahhh the fireplace.  The project that was supposed to be lower on the priority list because the tile was not great, we were going to live with it for awhile.

Until I went to Home Depot to grab some things two days after closing and found my husband and friend beating it with a sledge hammer.  Nice.

Only to find it was set in cement.  Which needed to be re-leveled before anything could be retiled. 

Officially in over our head.

Luckily my father-in-law came to the rescue to level it all out so Derek could embark on his first solo tile job. In the end it turned out great.

Also we did not not replace the brass accented fireplace doors.  Just a little high heat spray paint made them good as new. 

family room


The gallery wall was added after our Italy trip (blogged here).

family room

All the pillows and drapes were sewing DIY.  And since the pillows can all be changed easily, hopefully this will fulfill my need to make changes in the space when the urge hits.

family room


Before/After- The Dining Room

Get ready to get into a time machine back to 1990. Warning, you might need some sunglasses....


Red is my favorite color but this shade is so wrong on walls.  Paired with a pink and blue border, stylish brass, and a glimpse into the hip oak kitchen made it cringe-worthy.  It poses the question-pink, blue and  Interesting.

Aren't those sexy curtains? And the almond outlets look nice on the white. You can also see how bad of shape the wainscoting was in.
In Progress:Trying out some colors.....left is Sherwin-Williams Uncertain Grey and right is Foggy Day.  I was going for a bluish-grey in this room with the emphasis on the grey.  And once the room was complete, it was more blue.  But I still love it.  And saved the true grey for another room....

The First “After”:

That is correct….this is round 1.  We went with Uncertain Gray on the walls and Foggy Day on the ceiling. The windows and trim all got new paint and the outlets got switched out to a nice matching white.  Oh yeah, the old brass chandelier also got replaced. 
The taller hutch is more traditional and I am somewhat second-guessing that decision, but since we registered for china at our wedding I wanted a place to keep it all on display.  And enclosed because dusting and I are not friends.
And after living with this after for awhile, I was ready to switch things up.  Like the ceiling and the chandelier.  Red wine may have had a hand in this decision.
The “Real” After (for now at least):
So I changed up the painting scheme on the ceiling as detailed here.  And then I switched out the chandelier (again) because the new paint was looking funky .  And here we are now:
dining room

dining room
dining room
dining room
dining room
Where we got stuff:
Curtains- Bed Bath and Beyond- silk on clearance- $20 a panel- score!
Sconces- Home decorators collection- X-mas gift from mom
Chandelier- Overstock
Dining Set- Local furniture store
Centerpiece Bowl; IKEA
Wine hutch: so old I am not sure, it just happened to match the dining set and fit perfectly in the space.  i am thinking maybe that it was another Bed Bath and Beyond purchase?
But is a room ever really done?  I am thinking it may need some more tweaks in the future.  We will see….

Before/After- The Workout Room

The workout room was put together for function and not design. I made sure I repeated that phrase to myself many times through the project because it would have been so easy to spend some money in the name of design. 

It is in the basement so it does not get a lot of light. We did things as cheaply as possible since it is just a space that Derek and I use to sweat in. Here is the before:

The carpet was badly stained and smelled and the walls were all beat up.

This project was completed in a weekend. The floor was our first priority. We chose laminate because we could install it in a basement by ourselves and it was a hard surface. Have you ever tried to run on an elliptical that it sitting on shag carpet?  Let's just say the sensation is something like trying to exercise slightly intoxicated.  In case you have never tried it, it rocks....a lot.

We first ripped out the carpet and painted. Since we really did not care about the color but wanted something fun, we found $5 oops paint at Home Depot. I termed the color "Kermit".

Derek scraping up carpet glue. When we took up the carpet we found "JM LL?". We have no idea what that means.

So I added our own initials.

Putting down the vapor barrier. Yet another use for duct tape.

Floor going in

This was the first time we installed laminate floors. I will admit the first row was ummmm...difficult. It is possible that a lot of cursing involved because by the time we got down to the end of the row, the beginning was coming apart. But after we got past that row and got the hang of it, it was very easy and went down quickly. We love this type of floor for the room because it is super easy to clean and maintain.  And did we mention it was cheap?


One of the minor details we did was switching the outlets and switches from almond to bright white. Just a little thing updated the room ten years.

How we saved:
  • $5 oops paint
  • .99 sq ft laminate from Lumber Liquidators
  • Weights and weight bench from Craigslist
  • Indoor trainer for bikes instead of new stationary bike
  • Curtains from Wal-mart
  • Mirror taken out of downstairs bath(planning on replacing it anyway)
The only thing I am still thinking of adding is "inspiration posters". Derek said he would not mind if a life size bikini clad women stared at him while he worked out. So I think I am going to add a male equivalent for his "inspiration."  It's only fair right?