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Here goes nothing......

So I have been contemplating joining the blog world for a couple of months now and have decided to take the leap. Why you ask?

Why finally join the blog world when I can barely take enough time to ever update my status on facebook? Why blog since spelling/grammar/proofreading is not necessarily my strongest area? Why take the time to write posts that only my mother will take the time to read? Do I even have anything interesting to write about?

At least these were the questions I was asking myself......

I have decided to take the plunge is a couple of reasons. First, I enjoy being creative and currently do not have any outlet to share this with the world. I am a school psychologist by day that job does not satisfy my addiction to design, gardening, and DIY projects. I spend so much time researching DIY projects, inspiration photos and how-tos online that I hope adding my personal experience could be helpful to someone else. Also since I suck at phone calls and facebook, I hope that this will give me an opportunity to provide family and friends updates on our life. My friend Sarah has also been urging me and I finally gave into the peer pressure (so maybe she will actually read it too).

When I tried to think of a clever title I had lots that did not make the cut (or were taken by someone more clever and faster than me). Most of my interests involved the house but titles involving DIY projects and home design were too narrow since I also love other things like gardening and crafts. Although DIY-Manic almost made the cut-get it like dynamic but has DIY and Manic involved since I love those types of projects and I am a psychologist-not funny to anyone else but me and possibly insulting to people with Bipolar disorder so it was crossed off the list. When I thought about the common characteristics of all my interests (at least the ones I plan to blog about-I will spare everyone with my weird interests like watching COPS) they all involved something that was pretty/beautiful/creative. So I finally settled on the title of "anything pretty" since that will encompass everything I plan on writing about.

So here is my vision for my blog-lots of before and after pictures since we are currently updating our house room by room after finishing our previous house, detailed how-tos from projects we have completed and will be doing, inspiration pictures, gardening successes and failures, life updates, craft projects etc. Hopefully it will helpful and somewhat entertaining. Thanks for reading!

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