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I inherited/stole my mom's sewing machine a couple of years ago when I wanted to make panels for the oddly sized windows in our old Cape Cod. Since buying our new house it had been getting a lot of use and I now have mastered lined drapes and pillows.

Here is my latest sewing project:
I swear they are not as wrinkled as they look in the picture!

I have also been adding to my sewing book collection and am thinking about trying to expand my skills to include non-home decor sewing. Here is the latest book I have my eye on at Amazon-
It looks perfect for summer and trying all sorts of fun patterns!

I also have been following the sewing lessons over at What I Wore. Here is the fabric I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby to use with that project.

Honestly I have not gotten very far on that project but hopefully with my new book purchases and the the beginning if skirt weather, I will be done soon and can post my results.

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