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Master Bedroom Mini-Reveal

I have posted bits and pieces about our latest project (here and here) and now I think we are ready to actually post some pics. It is not officially an "after" as we still need accessories and some other key things like doorknobs but at least it is somewhat put together. Also this is phase 1 of the renovation. Phase 2 involves a new (canopy) bed and dressers in black. Eventually (phase 3) we want to put in hardwood floors, scrape the popcorn and possibly add wood beams to the ceiling but those things cost money and our goal right now is to make it presentable on the cheap.

As you can see there was no need to decorate for Christmas

Red, green

The green itself was not a bad color but their painting job left something to be desired

Our dog barrier while we were painting

I am so sick of painting windows....15 down 6 to go

Almost done with phase 1:
How does anyone get their duvets to look unwrinkled in pictures....I had just ironed so I obviously have not figured it out. Also the frame on the blue picture is the same silver as the mirrors so I am not sure why it photographs differently.

The TV's current home until we can get a new flat screen

The wall for the flat screen

Our new couch...still need to finish another throw pillow

I have no idea what to do with that upper space....I would leave it blank but the way the lighting is it needs something

Still need to add more accessories on the nightstands and dresser

So excited about these drapes....lined and interlined faux silk...$21 at Wal-Mart....score!

new fan (obviously)

Right now I am loving grays and this is painted Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. I am so happy how the color turned out and I think it will look even better when we finish getting things on the walls and accessorizing. The bed and dressers are left over from old house and I think the canopy will look awesome when we get it. I think it will help to fill up the vertical space and bring down the ceiling.

The couch, nightstands and coffee table were the only new pieces of furniture we bought. The "nightstands" are actually end tables but we wanted something that did not scream nightstand and would also match the new bed when we get it.

Budget Breakdown:
Lamps-$100 (49.99 each at Homegoods)
Mirrors- $40 (19.99 each at Walmart)
Art above bed- $72 Homegoods
Curtains-$84 ($21 each at Walmart)
Curtain Rods- $40 (19.99 each at Target)
Ceiling Fan- $150 Home Depot
Paint- $65 Sherwin Williams
Bedding- already had
Black rug-already had

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for that ledge!
6 comments on "Master Bedroom Mini-Reveal"
  1. Hi! Have been checking out your reno pics on the nest and really enjoyed them...we just moved into a new house and I am looking for ideas on where to start and ideas for color, etc. Your MB looks GREAT! Love the color. I would put something on the ledge, but I pers hate stuff that gets dusty and you have to get up there to clean. My only ideas would be framed art--BW s/black frames (dust 2x/yr?) or I have seen a few websites that have really cool decals for walls that are pretty inexp. Either of those would look great. HTH! renee

  2. I Love it! I'm so in love with grey, you picked the perfect color...we also painted our room grey, I once its 'together' it will look 1/2 as nice as yours!

    Wonderfull job, can't wait to try the the sham trick :)

  3. I have the same problem with the open space next to the ceiling. It is so hard to work with. I agree that dusting will be so much of a challenge it may not happen but look forward to any ideas you have and picuters too! Great job on the redo. Teresa

  4. As a brand new home owner... I love your site and have been very inspired by your projects! You have such a great eye for paint color! I am checking out most of your SW colors for my new place. The new canopy bed looks great in your space! I also liked the old bed and I am looking for a similar one...where did you find the original bed?

  5. Hi! We have been searching and searching for a ceiling fan for our MB. We've had a hard time finding something we like, but we like yours. You said you got it at Home Depot. Could you tell me what brand/name of fan it is?? Any direction you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!

  6. Okay, I am shameless. Can I also get any information you have on your lamps? I LOVE them. They would be so good with my bedding. Brand??