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Before/After-House Tour

Want to see the before pictures that had our parents saying “You know you can still get out of this house and buy something not ugly” as it was being inspected?   Thought so…because who doesn’t love seeing an after?  Be prepared to enter a time machine to 1990. 

3 comments on "Before/After-House Tour"
  1. Hi Jenny!

    Just took the tour of your house; it all looks so beautiful! We are just beginning to work on ours. How long did it take you to do all that work?

    Come visit me at the Beach Bungalow sometime soon!


  2. I just love your blog. Now that I'm seriously debating painting out all the yucky honey oak in my home, I have one big question- what do you do about the doors? All my doors are flat hollow core and I'm not sure they would look good painted white- but I'm not sure I can tackle trying to replace all our doors with a panel style. What did you do?

  3. Wow, I loved reading your blog. I lam impressed on what you have done with your house and you have given me hope that I can get rid of all this honey oak in my house without costing me a fortune. One of the very best blogs! After weeks of searching pinterest for ideas, I now have more of a handle on what it will take. I suppose I will just pick a room and get started. Before now it was all feeling too overwhelming! Thanks for building up my confidence.