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I Dare You....

Lately I have thinking a lot about paint. Specifically if I have the guts to something dramatic in our master black. I found this picture a long time ago and I think it looks so glamorous and dramatic. (Of course I have no idea where i saved it from so if you happen to know please drop me a line so I can add credit) I broached the possibility to Derek a couple of days ago and his while his first reaction was that I was crazy....after seeing some inspiration pictures he was a little more in the "let's think about it" camp. Here are some more inspiration pics:

Then it was like Apartment Therapy was reading my mind since they put up a post about it here with some more pics.

Also the Sherwin Williams article they linked had a lot of ideas of how to be successful with black (this was forwarded as an email to Derek...hint hint....I am not giving up on this).

Going black takes guts and I am not sure I can do it. But I think I made a baby step in our kitchen. I still remember my conversation with the ACE hardware paint guy (PG) when I bought the paint for our kitchen cabinets. I was there at noon on a Tuesday, but no matter what time I came in to buy paint, they had the same person in the department. So we became friends even though he thought I was out of my mind..

J: Could I get 3 gallons of the Cabinet and Trim Paint in Cannonball please?
PG: What color?
J: Cannonball
PG: You know that is black right?
J: Yes
PG: What in the heck are you painting?
J: Cabinets
PG: In the kitchen?
J: Yep
PG: Black?
J: Yes
PG: Have you painted before?
J: Yes this will be my seventh gallon on this type of paint...but the others were white...we are changing it up
PG: Well OK......not even sure how to mix it....hold on
A couple of minutes later
PG: Bring a picture in of how it turns out when you are finished....I am curious....never heard of such a thing

We loved how the cabinets turned out in black but I did chicken out when it came to painting the window trim black also in the kitchen. We went with boring old white which I now regret but I am going to have to really really regret it if I am going to repaint seven windows.

I am thinking that black could work in the master bathroom because of the incredible amount of light we have in there between the window and the skylight. (I would show pics but considering you saw my awful craft room yesterday I don't want to scare you with more ugly rooms.) When we remodel it, the shower is going to expand to a two person walk in with white subway tile so there will not be really much wall space to be black..... so hopefully it won't be overpowering. Also I love the idea of going with a glossy finish to make it more interesting. However, that means I better start working on my drywalling skills now if we are even considering a glossy finish. But I think black paint is something that is going to take a lot of thought and some paint samples on the wall. I can only imagine the reaction when I try to get two gallons in high gloss from Sherwin Williams......

Do you think you could do it? Do you even want to? Am I crazy to be even comtemplating this?
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