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In honor of Administrative Professionals' Day I whipped up a batch of sugar cookies for all the secretaries that I work with in a fun flower shape.

I found the recipes on a couple of years ago when I was looking for a good sugar cookie recipe for Christmas. Since Derek and I are allergic to nuts, we are both rather limited in the Christmas cookie choices so I wanted a really good recipe. I love sugar cookies that are thick and soft and this recipe totally hits the mark. Here is the recipe for the Icing and here is the recipe for the Cookies.

Since I have discovered this awesome combo, I make them all the time for events and they are always a hit.

Here was Christmas 2008 (at least until two furry friends were naughty...but that is a story for another post).

I also made them for my best friends baby shower for favors. (they are cut in the shape of a baby carriage in case you can't tell.....Derek couldn't).
The recipes are pretty simple, but the dough has to be refrigerated overnight. I make quite a mess applying and swirling the icing (I believe Derek's phrase is "It looks like a sugar bomb went off in here") but two pups are under me feet in case I drip anything. They also enjoy the dough (I swear this is only after the dough is safely in the refrigerator and I am cleaning the doggy slobber ends up in the final product)-

One batch of dough makes about 12 large thick cookies and I made 6 times the amount of icing in the recipe for all of them. I like the swirly look because is easy to do. One thing I did learn is if you want bright icing colors, you need to buy the paste food coloring that comes in the jars and not the liquid stuff you can get at grocery stores. They are always a huge hit so bring lots!
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