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Crafty To-Do List

I am the queen of completing 90% of of a project and then stopping to start a new project. It is just so much more fun to start something new than to complete boring details at the end of a project. Even though my craft room is not even started in terms of a remodel, I have been spending a lot of time in there working on my sewing skills. I have bought some books to help me make the jump from sewing straight lines on drapes to actually following a pattern and making clothing. I have been making steady progress but I still have some many more projects on the to-do file and none in the completed file. So hopefully by the end of the month the majority(ok some) of these will be done. We will see.....

1. Finish this dress (I am doing the one without the sleeves)-
So far everything is cut and the bodice is almost completed. This is is my first clothing sewing project ever and I probably really over-estimated my sewing abilities with this being my first but I don't think I have screwed it up....yet.

2. Start this dress

So far I have read the back of the envelope. Need to get moving if I want to wear it before September.

3. Finish What I Wore Skirt-

I don't think this will take me all that long to complete but I want to wait to finish it until she posts the last set of directions so I can do it all in one sitting. Right now it is all pinned.

4. Sew A-Line skirt in this fabric

Hey I bought fabric which is some progress.

5. Make this cute spring scarf (directions found here)
Again I need to get moving because scarves are not that much fun to wear when it is 90 degrees. I am thinking about pink for a color.

6. Make this apron from The Feathered Nest
It probably would have been smarter to start with a simple apron than with dresses...oh well

7. Make this apron from Living Creatively (cause a girl needs a full length one too)

8. Make the Buttercup Bag

9. Finish Family Room Throw Pillows

10. Finish Kitchen drapes
It is going to take awhile to sew seven lined panels. I bought this fabric forever ago and swore they would be done by winter to help insulate the kitchen windows. Now I am saying by July...

11. Finish Scarf-
Finally something I have time to get done since it is not wearable until November-

I need to get busy. Maybe a renovated craft room will inspire me?
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  1. I laughed when I got to this post. I'd been looking for a sewing table and seen yours. Printed up your instructions handed them to my husband, and said have a good time hun! I started to read about your intrest in sewing and found it funny to have read your sew "to'do's" because I myself bought a lomb knitter over Christmas because I cant knit to save my life. And I made the Sew-Easy long dress in a satin for a total of $7, three days, and lots of cursing! Cant wait to read more about your home improvements (as we too are about to start ours!) and read about your crafty moments!!!!