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Good Thing Pregnancy Lasts 9 Months...

...Because that is how long I am going to need to get all the crafty baby projects done. Come to think of it, I might want to start now even though I am definitely not pregnant just to get a head start. There is just so much cute stuff to make for babies.

Here is what I whipped up on Monday for a friend at work. I have never tried quilting before and I saw the kit at Joann's when I was buying fabric for my other projects so I thought I would give it a whirl.
The Front

The Back

So it is not perfect and obviously not a complicated pattern but for a first attempt I pretty happy with it. The longest part was cutting all the squares and then ripping out seams when I read the seam allowances wrong. That part also involved a lot of cursing but I have decided that a seam ripper is my new best friend. Another thing I learned was that satin and faux stretchy fur are very difficult to sew...especially when you are sewing them together. But overall it was quick and easy. Next time I won't even buy a kit, just a couple cute fat quarters and some other fabric for the back.
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