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Hellooo Summer

Again I have been a bad blogger....but I have an excuse. The last week was crazy at work and I was trying to make progress on the laundry room reno. But after taking the weekend to relax (and make more progress on projects) I am ready to go again.

One of the things I love the most about working in education? May. There is nothing more exciting than the last day of school and I am lucky enough to get to experience it over and over again. Take last Friday, the final bell rings and an euphoric yell rises into the hallways. You thought I was going to say June/July/August didn't you? Well I sadly do not have all that time off so I am going to stick to May. I also love that when everyone comes back (kids and staff) in August that things also look brighter and happier because it is a brand new year. It's like a new years resolution every August....with that new crayon smell to boot.

One of my summer resolutions is to get to the pool more often. When we bought the house last year, a neighborhood pool was on my must-haves list. I was not willing to compromise on it and was so excited when the pool opened last year. Know how many times I went? Zip. I blame it on the kitchen renovation. And the impact the kitchen renovation had on my waistline- too much eating out did not inspire me to want to put on a swimsuit. Since we are (unfortunately) not doing any big renovation this summer I am going to get to the pool....I hope.

Derek got a new smoker for his birthday and spent a large part of the weekend experimenting with it. So we were eating BBQ every day and I will say even though he is a newbie at the smoker thing it turned out quite good.

When we had friends over on Friday I found a new recipe that I wanted to share-Strawberry-Goat Cheese Bruschetta (from Better Homes and Gardens). It was delicious, easy, and the best part looked a lot more complicated than it was. I can't wait to make it again.

Here is the recipe (too lazy to re-copy it)

It is not the healthiest or most economical recipe but I think I will be making it many times this summer.

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was great! Mine left me with the question of why all weekends can't last three days?
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