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Learn Something New Everyday

Right after work today I ran to the local Sherwin-Williams to pick up some paint samples for the craft room. (Since it is the 30th and that was on the goal list I thought that today was good day to start thinking about it). The store was packed which was weird because it was 1:15 on a Tuesday. The employees also must have been surprised because there was only two of them working and about 15 people in line. I thought about leaving but again since I procrastinated until the 30th, I needed to stick it out. So I put in my order and browsed around.

While I was browsing a woman who looked to be about 8 months pregnant came in with her cute son who looked to be about two and started looking at paint colors. A couple of minutes later, I heard her gasp and looked over. Her son had somehow gotten a paint can open that was sitting right at his level below the display, dumped it all over himself and all over the carpet. A pool of white crept across the dark carpet. Mom had a look of horror on her face and I have never have felt so sorry for a person. It was like a perfect southwest commercial....wanna get away? I searched through my bag and pulled up some napkins to start wiping him off. She kept saying "I don't even know what to do, I guess we need to stand in line and tell them we spilled paint all over the carpet". The everyone else started to notice what had happened.

A professional painter (at least I think he was based on the fact that he knew what to do and had all the materials in his truck) immediately told us to get some hot water. He went to the back and got a bucket and another lady in a nice black dress somehow figured out to get lots of hot water out of the coffee machine. We then sopped up as much paint as possible with paper towels. He told us to dump the water on the paint. Then he got his shop vac and sucked it all up. Then the process of dumping water of vacuuming it up was repeated a couple more times.

I really wish I had a picture of this because it must have been hilarious to watch. But a) my phone is not that technologically advanced and b) If I started snapping photos it would have made mom feel worse...especially if I told her I was going to post them online:). But here the scene- women in nice black dress on her hands and knees scrubbing paint, a guy in khaki's waltzing into the store with his shop vac while other people in line are moving shelves to find an outlet, a half dressed two year old because mom is trying to clean him off and me covering part of the shop vac with a rag so that the drywall dust does not shoot everywhere. An organizational psychologist would have loved to be a fly on the wall observing this group behavior. During this whole fiasco the employees never came over which I thought was slightly strange but then again they were incredibly busy.

After the third time of adding water and vacuuming the carpet looked unbelievably awesome. So file this tidbit of knowledge away in case you ever spill paint on carpet.

So why I am so enthralled with knowing how to do this? Well let's just say that we had a slight accident last summer in the dining room which now needs new carpet......

Before you think I am a total klutz or dumb enough not to use dropclothes let me explain-

I was painting the kitchen cabinets black. The doors were off and the cabinets were empty. All the floors in that room were properly covered. I had a cup of paint that I was using and sat it on the pantry shelf while I started to paint the front. The the clip that was holding the shelf broke. You know the shelf that had been supporting 25 can goods for months but decided that one cup of paint was too much for it. I can still picture that cup of paint flying through the air in slow motion, sending paint into the dining room. I immediately screamed for Derek and of course the dog answered first. He walked in and almost stepped in the giant pool of black paint. I then had visions of him getting it all over his paws and then running away from me tracking it all over the house. Luckily I caught him in time because that would have been disastrous. I immediately went to the computer and googled how to get paint out of carpet. We tried everything mentioned there (but did not find the hot water/ shop vac method) but unfortunately after many hours of scrubbing the gray spots were still there. Because of the spot in the room I cannot put an area rug over it so now it is just a story to share until we get new carpet. So I wish I would have learned this method a little sooner.

Oh and another thing I learned today-
When I am at a paint store with my future child make sure he/she is not touching paint can even if they do not know how to open them:)

The Place to Be


In the summer heat and humidity Winter has found her perfect nap spot. She gets a little cranky in the summer and hopefully this will improve her mood. There is a reason we did not name her "Summer."

Two Pieces of Paradise

I am not usually a big houseplant person but ever since I saw this picture years ago I have been in love with those plants. Of course now years later I have no idea where/who this picture is from...I believe it was someone on the Nest if I had to guess. I also saw a similar picture (same room, different angle) on one of the blogs I read regularly a couple of weeks ago. But now as I am writing this post I cannot find that post anywhere. I know, my Internet research skills suck.

But anyway, I started to hunt for this plant last winter for the kitchen. Of course I had no idea what the name of it was. I went to a nursery and all their indoor plants were way more than I was willing to pay for a single plant. Nothing at Home Depot either. But then I found one at Lowe's for under $20 and this baby has been growing beautifully in my kitchen for the last couple of months. (It is called a Bird of Paradise in case you were curious).

So when our master bedroom was needing something with height, presence and you know earthiness I went out and bought a bird of paradise mini-me. (This time only $8.50 whoo hoo)
The Houseplant family

Here it is all ready to grow in its new big pot.....

I think some more miracle-gro is in order to achieve that height and presence thing....

All the pots for the plants are Homegoods scores. I could never bring myself to drop a hundred bucks on a ceramic pot but I found the big pots at my favorite store for 39.99 and the smaller one for under twenty. They are glazed ceramic and weigh a ton (which is why we put the wheely thing on the one on the carpet) so if you are on the hunt for nice large pots check it out.

Multi-Functional Herb Garden

When I purchased my herb garden from Bluestone, I made a couple of additions. One of those was a mint plant.
Why a mint plant? To flavor tea? To use in cooking? Nope.....for Mojitos!

Sunday night was the first time we made this summery drink and they turned out perfectly. There are many recipes as well as how-to videos. Some of them differ from each other but overall they are similar. If you have a mint plant it is so quick and easy to make and so much cheaper than ordering one from a restaurant or bar. Here is the recipe I used.

I used 12 mint leaves (24 are in this picture for two drinks)
And half a lime cut into wedges...

Then I muddled it together. Since I did not have the proper tool I used the end of a wooden spoon but I am going to be on the hunt for this for the next time. Next, I added 4 tsp of sugar. I think when we have people over and making many drinks I think I will make simple syrup so it will dissolve better. But just for the two of us the sugar worked just fine.While I was muddling our house looked exactly like this...

And I had this guy's "flair" with the bottle....

Then I added ice, 1.5 ounces of rum (about the amount of a shot glass) and club soda. The recipe called for a "splash" of club soda, but I added more.
Voila....the finished product-
The mint plant is officially the first plant out of the herb garden to be put to use.....and in my opinion very good use.

Decisions Decisions

The laundry room is almost ready for me to post some pics. Choosing a color in this space was one of the most difficult rooms of the house which surprised me since it is a room that not a lot of people see. But I think that is what made it so hard.....I could go a little more crazy. I talked about the ideas here. I wanted a bright and bold color and here is what I found as inspiration.

found here

and (because I have the best husband ever who gave me free reign to paint the laundry room pink)....

But it is also a small room so I did not want to make it too dark like a cave. I brought out my trusty paint deck and tried to find colors that were similar. Then I went to Sherwin Williams and bought two paint samples-Lagoon and Berry Bush. I was convinced that I would love one (or both) of them.I put them both on the wall and then stood back. Problem was neither one of them were really that great. So I thought I just needed to let them dry. Next day we stared at them some more and Derek admitted he really wasn't feeling either one of them. I think the issue was that we did not like them in combination with each other. Nothing says 1990 like turquoise and mauve. But even when I tried to look at the separately I still could not decide. I did pick up another paint chip at Sherwin Williams that was in special collection so it was not in my paint deck- Blackberry.

I loved how rich it was but was concerned it was way too dark for the small room even with the white appliances.

So we went with a relatively safe choice- Foggy Day. This is the same paint we used on the dining room ceiling and so far the first "color repeat" in the house.
I was then thinking of doing horizontal stripe to spice it up, but luckily Derek talked me out of it because it would be too busy in small room. At least that it what he said his reason was....I think it was more along the lines of he did not want to paint stripes.

Stay tuned for progress pics with Foggy Day!

Weekend Recap

This past weekend Derek and I decided at the last minute to get out of town and have a relaxing weekend away from home. We both had incredibly busy weeks at work (as evidenced by lack of posts) and luckily for us, Derek's mom and step dad have property at a nearby lake. Also my incredibly pasty skin needed some sun.

Derek did successfully leave work a couple hours early on Friday which I was pleasantly surprised about. But the entire drive down involved him on the phone with work.....or reading emails from work.....or him dictating emails to me because I would not let him email while driving. So there were many threats about the phone landing in the lake.

But after we got there we relaxed and I wish I could say that we took tons of great pictures. I charged up the battery on the camera and packed it a special place to document our weekend. Well I failed miserably in the picture department. I blame it on being a boat all day. You know how a bumpy boat, splashing water and a camera don't mix. Well that is my excuse at least.

Not exactly photographic masterpieces....

On Sunday night Derek's mom came home with us and while he smoked meat in the smoker we harvested some lettuce from the garden. We also were curious if the onion were "done" so we attempted to try to dig one up to see. I did not want to use a shovel in case I hit an onion so I used the next best thing....fingers. My mother-in-law was so enthralled with the whole garden that she took pictures of the process. Disclaimer: we had already been sitting outside on a very hot and humid day when these were snapped....hence the bad hair.
Unfortunately the onions were not "done" so we had to use a store bought one on our salad. But the home grown lettuce was perfect.

Since I did not get to this post until Thursday, the good news that the next weekend is only a day away. Yeah!

June Goals

Since I am the queen of finishing 95% of projects and then moving onto something new, this month I am going to start something new and set monthly goals. In case you haven't noticed I also enjoy making lists. I am also not against using another blogger (like Imperfect) for inspiration. I know it is June 9th so I am already behind but this blog post has been half completed for about a week so I have been thinking about it. Honest.

At the end of the month I will report back on how unsuccessful I was since I set the goals pretty high.

1. Finish sewing Kitchen Drapes

Seven lined panels- this falls in the "lofty" category
2. Complete additional 4 weeks of Couch to 5K
This is going to be a challenge in addition to #4
3. Update the overall list

4. Ride bike at least three times a week and track progress
Since I am starting a week late the first week doesn't count right?
5. Mail bird mobile
Yeah sweet baby J is almost three months old now and I have not mailed the packed box because of a lack of packing tape...what kind of friend am I?
6. Read at least three Books

7. Complete at least four things on the Craft To-do list
8. Add accessories to master bedroom

9. Finish Laundry room

10. Finish Craft room plans

I can't wait to set even higher goals for July since I will have a couple of weeks of vacation to play with.

Not Cute and Fluffy....

Well at least something is enjoying beans in the garden.......

&%$@# rabbits