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June Goals

Since I am the queen of finishing 95% of projects and then moving onto something new, this month I am going to start something new and set monthly goals. In case you haven't noticed I also enjoy making lists. I am also not against using another blogger (like Imperfect) for inspiration. I know it is June 9th so I am already behind but this blog post has been half completed for about a week so I have been thinking about it. Honest.

At the end of the month I will report back on how unsuccessful I was since I set the goals pretty high.

1. Finish sewing Kitchen Drapes

Seven lined panels- this falls in the "lofty" category
2. Complete additional 4 weeks of Couch to 5K
This is going to be a challenge in addition to #4
3. Update the overall list

4. Ride bike at least three times a week and track progress
Since I am starting a week late the first week doesn't count right?
5. Mail bird mobile
Yeah sweet baby J is almost three months old now and I have not mailed the packed box because of a lack of packing tape...what kind of friend am I?
6. Read at least three Books

7. Complete at least four things on the Craft To-do list
8. Add accessories to master bedroom

9. Finish Laundry room

10. Finish Craft room plans

I can't wait to set even higher goals for July since I will have a couple of weeks of vacation to play with.
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