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Weekend Recap

This past weekend Derek and I decided at the last minute to get out of town and have a relaxing weekend away from home. We both had incredibly busy weeks at work (as evidenced by lack of posts) and luckily for us, Derek's mom and step dad have property at a nearby lake. Also my incredibly pasty skin needed some sun.

Derek did successfully leave work a couple hours early on Friday which I was pleasantly surprised about. But the entire drive down involved him on the phone with work.....or reading emails from work.....or him dictating emails to me because I would not let him email while driving. So there were many threats about the phone landing in the lake.

But after we got there we relaxed and I wish I could say that we took tons of great pictures. I charged up the battery on the camera and packed it a special place to document our weekend. Well I failed miserably in the picture department. I blame it on being a boat all day. You know how a bumpy boat, splashing water and a camera don't mix. Well that is my excuse at least.

Not exactly photographic masterpieces....

On Sunday night Derek's mom came home with us and while he smoked meat in the smoker we harvested some lettuce from the garden. We also were curious if the onion were "done" so we attempted to try to dig one up to see. I did not want to use a shovel in case I hit an onion so I used the next best thing....fingers. My mother-in-law was so enthralled with the whole garden that she took pictures of the process. Disclaimer: we had already been sitting outside on a very hot and humid day when these were snapped....hence the bad hair.
Unfortunately the onions were not "done" so we had to use a store bought one on our salad. But the home grown lettuce was perfect.

Since I did not get to this post until Thursday, the good news that the next weekend is only a day away. Yeah!
2 comments on "Weekend Recap"
  1. Still have no idea how you got the dogs to not eat the onions and lettuce!

  2. Too bad you guys were in Orlando or should have come with us!