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In case you have not noticed, summer is my favorite season. One of the reasons is I have a lot of vacation (duh). But I also love being able to garden, eat outside, casual entertaining and summer drinks like margaritas. A margarita while you are wearing a sweatshirt and sitting under a blanket on the couch is just not the same as sipping one in a swimsuit on the lake or on the back deck.

Another reason I love summer is easy decorating. No need for expensive accessories or centerpieces. All you need is a cabinet full of various sized vases and your backyard garden. A couple of snips and you have an awesome centerpiece with no cost and minimal effort. I am not a flower-arranging pro but anyone can throw some flowers in vase and bring a natural element into the house.

For example here is one that took me three seconds to snip and throw in a bowl but I love it next to the lamp on our side table in the family room. And I only had to fight one bumblebee to get the flowers.

Obviously it is not the most creative since it involves only one type of flower but that is the point-it is supposed to be easy and not fussy. Ahhhh summer.
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