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Spray Paint-One of My New Best Friends

I have already talked about my love affair with many things-my paint deck, ACE cabinet and trim paint and my new washer and dryer (and my husband I guess:)). I have another item to add to that list-spray paint. You can transform anything with a can of spray paint and it is so cheap.

This oil painting used to hang above the mantel at my aunt's house. Growing up I always loved it so when they moved she awesomely passed it on to us. It is actually a "real" oil painting and not a print which is one of the reasons I love it so much. The bright flowers also do not hurt. To tell the truth it is not Derek's favorite painting so I knew that hanging it above our mantel was not an option. We compromised with the powder room off the kitchen. The problem was that the frame did not match the espresso and oil rubbed bronze finishes in that room. Since it was custom framed it was going to be expensive to get a new frame. So it has been sitting in the craft room closet for over a year. Derek has been very sad about this.

Finally I decided to see how it would look spray-painted. I was going to have to drop a couple hundred bucks on a new frame anyway so if i messed it up it would not be a huge deal.

So Derek pried it apart and I taped the cloth part of the frame.
Then i took it outside and put two coats of satin spray paint. The next day we were able to hang it on the wall. It now looks awesome in that room (well at least I think so). There is no natural light in there in order to snap a great photo- so here is flash-burned finished product (the colors are much more vivid without the flash)--

I love how the frame turned out and it only cost $4.
3 comments on "Spray Paint-One of My New Best Friends"
  1. cute idea for a frame! I would never have thought of blocking off part of it and spraying the rest.

  2. Wow, that turned out fantastic! What kind of spray paint and what color did you use?

  3. Jennifer-

    Just a basic spray paint from Rustoleum. I am not sure what the exact color was, but the cap was a deep brown. Sorry I did not write it down before I threw it away!