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Not Meant to Be

This non-runner thought she could tackle the half-marathon in October...

Custom fit running shoes?



Cute running skorts?
Wide array of moisture wicking workout wear including specialty running socks?


Garmin Forerunner 305 with a heart-rate monitor?

Half marathon training schedule that includes walk breaks?

Unseasonably cool and non-humid weather for the Midwest in August?


Body with no injuries?

I was so prepared.....and my awesome husband used his own "fun" money to get me the Garmin just a couple of weeks ago. I was also making great progress on my long runs.

Then my ankle started swelling...... I first ignored it because it wasn't excruciating and the swelling reduced when I iced it. But it kept happening. And then it was aching on non-running days. So I decided to self diagnose using WebMD and Google and came up with tons of possibilities. All involved "stop running" so I chose to ignore them.

Finally, after talking to my best friend who is a PT and told me "don't be stupid and really injure yourself," I grudgingly went to the doctor. A week, two office visits, x-rays, a bone scan (and I admit some long runs before the final results), we have a diagnosis-

Stress fracture in the ankle

Guess what that means? Yep, no running for 8 weeks. Guess what else.....8 weeks is exactly the half marathon which pains me even more that I won't be ready.

I am been really bummed lately because running was so not my thing but I was making a lot of progress and actually sticking to a workout plan. But in the grand scheme of things it is really not so bad (at least I keep saying that to myself). It doesn't require a cast, and I am walking normally. I also can continue to ride my bike, swim and do anything that does not cause pounding on my ankle. I can even continue to wear my non supportive summer shoes to work. (Before the orthopedist had figured out what it was, he was not impressed with my choice of "supportive" shoes I wore to the appointment. He just does not understand that "support" and "cute sandals" do not belong in the same sentence.)

So sadly there will me no half-marathon for me in October. I took a week off from working out to mope but now I am back on my bike so hopefully come 8 weeks I can gradually get back into running without re-injuring my ankle. Just in time for freezing temperatures and snow. Oooops since I am being positive I mean just in time to add another challenging dimension to my running.

I guess there is always biking gear......
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  1. I'm super sad!! You know you can walk the half marathon though? :)