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Sneak Peek

All week I having been saying to myself that tomorrow was going to be the day that I got to post the new craft room pics. But each day I kept thinking that I needed to to one or two more things before it was ready for it's unveiling.

Well it is the end of the week and there are still things on my DIY to-do list. So I am going to to a little preview of the progress so the new craft room does not go the way of the new laundry room (you know the room that I have been promising pics of for over a month and have never posted because it still needs finishing touches).

Almost everything in this room is DIY- the tall cutting table, the chandelier, the cork boards etc. Stay tuned because I have tutorials, more details and budgets for everything coming up.

I went a little crazier with the paint since it was my creative space and I love the way it turned out (even though Derek has coined it the "Dr. Seuss room").

Things that should have been simple in this room like spray paint and changing a light fixture turned into long projects which was incredibly frustrating. But again....details later.

So here is the before in case you don't remember it from a previous ugly pic post-

So pretty.....

And here is the preview pics. Another room is officially de-oakified.

Of course, I still have a lot of accessorizing to do and more shelves to hang but I thought everyone would like to see what we have been working on. The color looks a little off in the pics-the green is more muted....I swear.

Stay tuned for the final unveiling and all the how-tos (I have enough in this room for a post a day for entire week-whoo hoo).
3 comments on "Sneak Peek"
  1. I love that table. So functional with the shelving on the side. And I'm a big fan of color, the green looks great.

  2. WOW, this looks great! I love the table and the stripes you did are amazing! Great job :)

  3. Gorgeous! Bold and fun! I love the colors! You did a fantastic job!!! When your'e done - let me know and I'll do a feature! ;)