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Can We Do It?

Want to see the before pics of our newest room project? I warn you after pics exist quite yet and the before pics are quite frightening .

Behold the guest bath-

When we moved in we fondly named it the "Wizard of Oz" bathroom. You know- Dorothy gingham paired with the yellow brick road. Mix that with the fact that we live in Kansas and it becomes such an "awesome" theme.

Add more honey oak, a huge builders mirror, brass, and blue peel and stick tile and this bathroom landed with every other room in the house on our makeover list. To complicate matters the floor also slopes...a lot. Not the kind of sloping that you need a level to see, but the type of slope that makes you say "holy crap is the house falling down" when you walk on it. The home inspector reassured us that nothing structural was wrong with the house, but we still need to fix it as we remodel this room.
The good things that the room has going for it is it is relatively large for a secondary bathroom and the ceilings are very high with tons of light.

Did I mention the color? Yeah it glows and you can see it from the front door which makes an awesome first impression. When we first moved in I kept thinking the light was accidentally left on and repeatedly tried to walk in there and turn it off. Nope just the color.

So what is the plan? First of all we have an small budget. This is the first bathroom on the list of ugly bathrooms in our house and we are saving the bucks for the master bath overhaul. Also this is the future kids bathroom so we did not want to spend a lot of money on expensive details that are going to have to stand up to beating that they will give it. Total budget-$700.

What we you see in the after? Pale blue walls, white beadboard, tan travertine (level) floors, brushed nickel light fixture, faucet and accessories, framed mirror and reglazed vanity.

We are busy getting to the after and hope to have pics in the next week or so. $700 is not a lot to get rid of the Dorothy bathroom but we think we will be successful. Can't wait to share!
2 comments on "Can We Do It?"
  1. Can't wait to see what you do! I agree that it currently has a "glow in the dark" quality...that or Martians have landed in your bathroom!

  2. Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!