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Paint Colors

One of the most frequent emails I get is "What paint color did you use for ___?". I have talked about my love for the paint deck before and paint colors gone wrong, but I did not have a list of my colors all in one place. So I thought it might be helpful if I put all the paint color info in a handy reference. Of course the colors will probably look different on you monitor (I know they do on mine) than in natural light so make sure you get paint chips and samples before you slap it on the wall. All the colors are from Sherwin Williams. Enjoy!

Dining Room
Uncertain Gray (walls)

Foggy Day (ceiling)

dining room

Family Room
Svelte Sage

family room
Powder Room

Upstairs Full Bath

Sleepy Blue


Sea Salt


Craft Room
Tupelo Tree
Sassy Green
Exercise Room
(We actually used Behr oops paint...this is the closest on the Sherwin Williams deck)


Master Bedroom

IMG_0781Entry Foyer
Basket Beige
(this was painted by previous owners....again the closest on the SW paint deck)

Guest Room
Accessible Beige

This room is also partially completed....hopefully pics soon!

Laundry Room
Foggy Day

laundry room

And by popular are the colors I used for trim-

High HidingWhite (Ace Cabinet and Trim Paint)

Cannonball (by ACE in Ace Cabinet and Trim Paint)-

SW Black Bean color matched into Ace Cabinet and Trim-
20 comments on "Paint Colors"
  1. We used Ivoire in our dining room and LOVED it. You have such an 'eye' for room colors!

  2. I am curious you said you "painted" you kitchen cabinets. Did you use a traditional paint or some kind of stain?

  3. Great post, I especiall love the kitchen.

    I'm having a Paint Color Party and Giveaway on my blog, and this post would be perfec to link up!

    I hope to see you there


  4. I am considering using Accessible Beige in our main living areas. Can you tell me how you like it in the guest bedroom you used it in?


    Karen T.

  5. I am considering using Accessible Beige in my main living area. Can you tell me how you like it in the guest bedroom?

    Karen, SD

  6. Karen T.-
    I love it in the guest room! I have gotten so many compliments of on the color because it has just the right amount of gray in it that it is incredibly soothing!


  7. Any suggestions for ceiling paint? We are repainting our entire new (to us) house and the ceilings need to be done too. Any ideas for a neutral color? Doing them white seems like it will be too much?

  8. Tara-
    I hate to admit it....but we have used basic white ceiling paint on all of our ceilings. I really wish we had done something more exciting but with the popcorn ceilings, I just wanted to make them fade away. I keep thinking that will change that someday when I really get bored. Good luck with your decision!

  9. You have made me a believer in the SW Svelte Sage, I love it and will be putting in into my living room as well as an accent wall of my galley/nook dining area. An awesome have a great eye! Denise in Rochester Hills, MI

  10. Loooove your paint color choices - I think I'll be referring to this soon!

  11. I work for SW... so I truly appreciate you using our product! Your color choices are great! You have a beautiful home.

  12. I love the paint color on your powder room cabinets! What is it called and did you use the same painting process as your kitchen cabinets, or the glazing process in the other bathroom? Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. What is the color you used in your nursery?

  14. Thank you for inspiring me to make my house a nicer place to be in. :) I don't have very good taste myself, but I certainly recognize it when somebody else does, and your rooms are just gorgeous. I took a couple of your paint colors and ran with them (using the help of my cousin, who does have good taste), and the transformation is unbelievable. So, thanks for all you do and post about, and good luck with the baby (my "baby" is two already so there are toys scattered throughout my made-over rooms).

  15. How about the color in your sons room? Love that one!!

  16. I've color-matched most of these colors for my customers at Lowe's. I love the combination of subdued hues with pops of black and white in each room!

  17. On your kitchen cabinets, did you use a foam roller and or brush? They look awesome. Thanks!

  18. Thank you so much for all your time and effort into sharing your remodel. It has inspired me to make some changes in our home. I don't mind the work, I just don't know what to do.

    Question about the paint on the kitchen cabinets:

    1.) Are you happy with the way the paint has held up (durability, scratch resistant, dent resistant, peeling issues) in the kitchen? I found the Ace paint you used, but it is special order and have to buy 4 gallons at a time.

    2.) Regarding the Ace trim paint: Have you experienced any yellowing when using the white color? A paint manager tried to deter me from using this paint because it may yellow - we are planning on painting our kitchen cabinets white.


  19. LOVE your colors and your eye for design. Every room is an inspiration, and the colors all flow together nicely. I have a different question- could you tell me where you found the panel curtains in your family room, dining room, and craft room? Everything now seems to be grommets- I'm having a hard time finding pinch pleats :)

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I actually made most of the curtains in the house so I had control over the type. The dining room ones I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond about 4 years ago. They are actually not pinch pleat, but have loops in the back and not a solid rod pocket. Hope this helps!