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Parties, Giveaways and Martha, Oh My....

We had the most amazing weather this weekend. It was almost 80 the Midwest. Derek and I spent all day on Saturday out in the yard (wearing shorts...hehe) getting everything ready for the winter. I had a "you know you are a blogger when" moment when I made us wait an extra hour to get started because the batteries in the camera were dead and you know we can't do any projects without photographic evidence. Obviously that is what I planned on posting about today. But some other things came up that I wanted to share and so it shoved the bulb planting and rain barrel emptying stuff until tomorrow (you are on the edge of your seat right?).

First I joined my first blog party over at The Newly Woodwards-
Dare to DIY

What's a blog party you ask? Basically every Monday (starting next week) there is a new theme to post about and see other awesome blogger's ideas. The first theme is Dare to...Be thankful. I have picked out my project for next week and can't wait to get started on it to share with everyone.

Next, one of my favorite blogs is having a huge giveaway-

The DIY Show Off

The DIY Show-Off features tons of creative people and projects that inspire me to keep DIYing. I am hoping to get featured on this blog someday when I am actually satisfied that a room is almost "finished." We will see when that happens.... Anyway the giveaway runs until December 10th with tons of great prizes. Bonus- you can enter once a day.

Finally, I need to give some props to Martha. I have a subscription to Matha Stewart Living and I will admit that out of all my subscriptions, I would not rank it as my top favorite.

I opened the December issue Sunday night and even though I was fighting thinking about Christmas until we get closer to Thanksgiving at least (to combat the holiday music on the radio and the massive amounts of decorations in stores currently).....Martha has now single-handedly defeated that idea. No one can do Christmas like Martha.
I have not had a chance to really even devour it yet, but visions of recipes, handmade giftwrap, handmade presents, knitting patterns, cookies, breads, decorations and cocktails are dancing in my head. Every page I flipped I thought, "I am so going to do that."

Of couse I tried to temper it with realistic thoughts like "Are home made soy candles really more cost effective than store bought ones by the time you buy all the cool stuff to make them" and "How many packages that I decorate lovingly and creatively will I get through before I get tired of this project" and "If I make all these cool paper covered candle and match set hostess gifts, who am I going to give them to anyway". But those thoughts are for scrooges. Thanks to Martha I am now ready to give up the good fight and start thinking about Christmas.

I was planning on linking to the similar projects that she had posted on her website, but they are not up yet. So if you are ready to be merry, pick up the December issue.

Off to go listen to Christmas music while wearing shorts and with the windows open.....


1 comment on "Parties, Giveaways and Martha, Oh My...."
  1. Thanks for joining the party. Can't wait to see what you come up with. =)

    And, now I'm going to have to go to the store to pick up Martha Stewart Living. I don't subscribe (I don't know why).