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Getting in the Spirit

This post has been a long time coming. I actually had all the Christmas decorations up the Monday after Thanksgiving. I was so proud of myself that the boxes were put away and I was going to be getting to the "house tour" post right away.....

But then something happened.....I caught "just one more thing" virus. I wanted to DIY a wreath, get some live greenery, hang tons of ornaments in the kitchen etc. etc. etc. Hence why this post is three weeks behind.

So what prompted me to finally get it up? I decided I was focusing way too much on the "details" and missing out on the "spirit" of the holidays. Every night after work I was running around frantically working on details and not getting any sleep. Not a good way to get in the spirit. I love having the blog because it is motivation to finish projects. But in this case the thought of showcasing my holiday decorations when there are so many awesomely decorated homes in the blog world was anxiety provoking and causing me to sweat the details.

Last night I made a decision to let things go. No one is going to care if the Christmas cards do not have silver embossed snowflake stamps this year. No one is going to care if the gift tags do not coordinate perfectly with the wrapping paper. If I don't get all the Christmas quilts done there is always next year. No one is going to notice if every inch of the house is not impeccably decorated. We aren't hosting any holiday celebrations anyway so the decorations are for our enjoyment and should not be a source of stress. The holidays are about the spirit and not about perfection.

So with my new philospohy in mind I am ready to post our Christmas house tour. There are still things I wish I would have had time for, but I keep telling myself to just save those for next year (it will give me something to blog about then:)).

Now that I am off my soapbox, here is the Anything Pretty house decked out in the holiday spirit-

Dining Room

Detail of the bead garland on the china cabinet-

Detail of the table runner-

Family Room

(here for DIY tree skirt post)

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

3 comments on "Getting in the Spirit"
  1. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love it all. I love the garland on the staircase and the wreaths in the window. You did so great, and you were able to capture is beautifully on camera (I can never do that).

    I had a same moment, but mine happenes when Franco knocked over my tree. I was very upset, but then it was like an a-ha moment. I'm the only one who really cares about this. So I decided to stop stressing myself out. Then, I decided that I was doing nothing else with Christmas decorations, It was enough. =)

    Your home looks gorgeous! =)

  2. I, like you, was stressing over not enough decorations. Then I, like you, decided we are not entertaining, so what I could do with one arm was enough! Your house looks great!

  3. Wow, it is all beautiful! I especially like all the candles on your dining table, looks so pretty when they are all lit!