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My New Toy

I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles to see what I got for Christmas and checking the blog hourly hoping I was going to update it. 

Ready?  Here's a hint...the last week my new nickname has been "paparazzi."

A new Digital SLR camera...the Canon Rebel T1i to be exact.  Whoo Hoo!

Actually it would be accurate to say that I received money for me to buy the camera at our "first Christmas".  So when we got home last weekend I was thinking about ordering it, but thought I would just do it after the holidays since we would be traveling and I did not want to miss the package.

That was before I saw that BH Photo had free overnight shipping right before Christmas.....

So on the 23rd after hitting refresh on the package status once every five minutes and not showering in case I missed the USP man waiting patiently this baby arrived.

Which quickly turned into this....

And then unfortunately this...

So why a Canon?  A couple of reasons.... like I really like the fact that it is capable of shooting HD video and it has tons a great reviews.  But the main reason is this......

I had the film version of the Rebel years ago and lens are interchangeable.

Sadly I never used the film version to it's full potential (as in never went into the modes where you actually had to adjust things) because frankly it is a pretty steep learning curve when you are paying for film and processing and don't get immediate feedback if you totally messed it up or not.  Also the controls required a lot more knowledge because there was not a huge screen.

So it has been collecting dust for the last couple of years while I have been using a point and shoot Sony Powershot.

Until now.....

But as a warning just because I have a new fancy camera, don't expect the pictures to all of a sudden be stellar.....I have a lot of learning to do and two uncooperative furry friends to do it on.  Here are some of my favorites from this weekend  (I have not picked nor figured out editing software yet, so these pics are straight from the camera).

My current thing that I LOVE about this camera.....there is no pause between pressing the button and the picture snapping so you can capture things like this....

8 comments on "My New Toy"
  1. Congrats on the camera!

    You will love it. I am obsessed with my camera now. And the picture quality is soooo much better than my point and shoot. And just wait to you pick a photo editing program, then you will really see a big difference.

    I am using Adobe Lightroom 3 the beta version. You can download and use for free till April. That is how they get you hooked because it is an awesome program. You can also look into Aperature if you have a Mac. I have heard good things about that as well.

  2. Jenny,
    I have enjoyed your blog for a while now. Im happy you have a new camera, it will make your already great blog even better. Love the pups and your home improvement projects. Although, I forget to comment, Im always checking your posts.

  3. So exciting! Seems like a lot of people got new cameras for Christmas this year. Have fun!

  4. The gift that keeps on giving - a camera! I'm sure you will have lots of fun with your new camera, can't wait to see how your skills progress!

  5. LOL I'm pretty sure that photo of the running dog is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Congrats on the new camera :)

  6. i just found your blog today and i just have to say congrats on the new camera - you should check out flickr - tons of information, motivation and awesome people - and

    OMG - your dogs are so ridiculously cute!

  7. I JUST found your blog today through Knock Off Wood...I have been wanting a camera for a LONG time and have been inspired again to really make it happen. I dont know much about photography but LOVE taking pictures. Of course the quality of a point and shoot is not what I want, I want something better, like the photos you took of your pups that are not edited (they look great!). Since you have had the camera for a little while now, how do you like it? is it easy to use? I am looking into getting the same one but just wanted to hear a little feedback :) THANKS!

  8. Kelly G.-

    After a couple of months....I still love it! I bought a book but honestly have not spent a whole lot of time studying it. But just with practice I am getting a whole lot better (at least I think so). I love how my camera has the creative auto mode. It gives you some latitude to be creative, but you can't mess it up too badly. Definitely a selling feature! Good luck on you decision and I would love to know what you decide!