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Pretty Presents

Derek is really good at doing chores that are able to be completed while he is sitting on the couch and watching sports. Present wrapping is one of those chores and he has been in charge in that department since we started giving gifts as a couple.

But this year I wanted to change it up a little because while he is awesome at getting it done, his definition of creative wrapping is sticking a premade bow on top. Like a man.

Since bows always get smashed as we travel to multiple cities for the holidays and the gifts always looked a little crumpled by the time they are opened, I wanted to do something different. This year I decided to add some creativity, pizzazz and smash-proofness to the gifts. I loved the results (and many wows when they were given) but I am going to be honest....this is one of those projects that I think will be filed in "won't happen when we have kids and no time" category. But for right now....prettying up the packages was so worth it.

This year I bought all solid paper for Derek to wrap in. After a couple of quizzical looks about the brown and blue rolls, he did a great job. The yellow post-its tell who it is for and what it is.

Then I went to work with different ribbon, yarn, bells, paper punches, jewels, scrapbook paper, rotary cutter, gift tags, and tape (and Diet Dr. Pepper).

Once I got going it did not take much time (but will admit I was still creating as Derek was loading the car).

I bought some of the gift tags but found this awesome link for prinable ones here.

We had our "first" Christmas with my family this past weekend so the finished products are ready to be unveiled. (Sorry the pics are not the best quality....I was snapping them as they were being handed one really understood that this had to be documented for the blog....sheesh).

My brother was super excited about the "pouf" (as he whipped out his pocket knife).

Jack was also super excited to get his presents. (If you can't tell he is sticking his entire head inside the gift dad got an awesome pic of this but I forgot to get it from him before we left).

Yes a farting hedgehog with a Santa hat and pink toenails!

One Christmas down and two more to go!
3 comments on "Pretty Presents"
  1. Wow - I love the extra special detail you put into the finishing touches!

  2. I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! Will definitely add you to my reader and link list.