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Technical Difficulties

For some reason the ruffle scarf tutorial post erased and totally messed with the layout of the blog. GRRRRRRR! I have no idea what happened since I proofread the entire thing, posted it last night, and viewed it on the blog. Stupid HTML. I would repost it but I don't have all the pics at on this computer. Come back this evening to see the complete tutorial. Sorry! A shout out to Catherine who alerted me to this issue!

Update- The tutorial is back up and running. Yeah! The entire post came through if you are a subscriber and looked fine in the Firefox browser (which I use at home) but was all wonky in Internet Explorer. Lesson to share with other bloggers- do not spell check a word in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste it into your post. Even if you erase the word before you post (like I did), there is still tons of HTML code in there that was inserted that totally screws everything up. I could discuss the irony of that the only browser that was having problems with Microsoft Word code was a Microsoft product, but I will leave that one alone. Lesson learned with only few google searches and some cursing. Enjoy the tutorial!
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