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I have had a four day weekend because of the addition of two snow days.  Therefore I have not worn anything besides yoga pants for a very long time and should have tons of things to blog about like finished home/sewing/craft/some sort of project.  But I have nothing.  This is slightly pitiful, except I have a couple of excuses.
1. Derek has been sick and I have been the nice wife and been taking care of him.
(pretend this is a picture of an unshowered and unshaven Derek laying on the couch with pillows with tons of Kleenex, Zicam, and Sudafed on the coffee table….I actually snapped a picture but since he has decided to actually read the blog lately, I decided he would not appreciate that)

2.  This…..IMG_0295
I was so excited to receive a serger for Christmas from my mother-in-law so that I could tackle knits.  I had visions of so many summer knit dresses dancing in my head. I grew less excited when I saw the instruction manual and the two CD how-to set.  So until this weekend it has sat on the shelf waiting for me to get the guts to try it.  Well I tried it and let’s just say I failed.  Miserably.  Today I am trying to look at the bright side and look at it as a learning experience and remember the first disasters on the sewing machine.  I know that I will love the machine once I get the hang of it and I just need more practice starting with simpler projects.  But for the next couple of days the serger and I need to keep our distance to let those good thoughts try to soak in.
And finally..
Europe trip planning!  After much discussion, documentary watching, and reading, we finally determined that we are going to spend two weeks this summer in Italy.  Derek is Italian and took three years of the language in college and I…well….love red wine.   We will be spending a week in Florence with day trips to the Tuscan countryside and hilltowns,  2 days in the Cinque Terre overlooking the Mediterranean, and then end with 4 days in Rome. Our vacation philosophy is that we could see more countries and more sites, but if you are on a train every other day and up at 8 am every morning to get into line for a museum then it is not really a vacation.   With this itinerary we are hoping to experience many parts of Italy-the cities, the countryside and the coastline.  At the suggestion of Derek’s aunt we are planning on renting apartments in Florence and Rome so that for the same price of a hotel we will be able to prepare some of own meals.  I really really want to post a picture of the view from the terrace and the bed in the apartment we are thinking about in Florence (it is AMAZING) but I don’t want to jinx anything so I will make myself wait. 

We already starting the most important preparations. In the spirit of the trip Derek has been trying red wine he normally is just a white wine drinker).  Also I have been pondering the very important question of-

“What does one drink by the pool in Tuscany or on an Italian beach?” 

Obviously I need to do some research to make sure I am prepared.
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  1. A trip to Italy sounds AMAZING! So jealous over here!!! I am a red wine girl and my favorite red wines are pinot noirs - Clos Du Bois and MacMurray.

  2. SOO exciting! I absolutely loved Italy when we took our big Europe trip! I'm so excited that you guys are going to do that! It's such a good thing to do when we're young and kid-less. :)

  3. Ohh...sounds like fun!! I spent a year abroad in college and took a few trips to Italy. You will love it!

  4. Hi, I just recently found your blog and love it! How exciting you're going to Italy. I lived there for a year and a half and loved it!
    When you're in Cinque Terre, make sure you go to the 5th city. There is a statue of a man, built into rock, on the beach. It's amazing. Get off the train, head to the main street and then go right for a while and you'll see it on the beach. When you're in Rome, make sure your purse/backpack is in front of you when you're on the subway. Don't let your husband carry his wallet in his back pocket. There are a lot of pickpockets there and they are pretty sneaky.

    Also, when you're in Tuscany, try and make a trip to Sienna. It is amazing and so typical of Italy during the Renaissance period. It's gorgeous and the cathedral there is really cool too. I'm sure your guide book says this, but in case it doesn't, when you're in Florence, there are two museums you have to see. One with the David, and the other with a bunch of famous art. You'll want to call and make a reservation. Otherwise, you'll be standing in line for hours. I believe you have to call a few days before or a week, but you can't call sooner than that. Check your guide books.

    Okay, sorry, I could talk about Italy all day. I hope I'm not beating a dead horse and telling you stuff you already knew. :)

  5. Cinque Terre might be my favorite place in the whole world. Sooo pretty!

    As for what to drink on the beach in Italy, I'd go for chilled rose. Though be careful, cuz you'll drink it like lemonade and then might have trouble standing!

  6. Oh! You're going to love Italy! Lucky you!!!

    Good luck with the serger. I haven't had the guts to try one yet, but everyone I know who has one (and can operate it) swears by them.

  7. Ask the locals what wines to drink; they will always know what is best for the price! But we red wine drinkers love a good reserve chianti!
    I agree that you MUST see the Ufizzi gallery in Florence! But art literally oozes from every corner in that city, so you can't go far wrong there. I am jealous of your going to Cinque Terre. Our best friends went and LOVED it! It is still on my list of "must see's."
    Watching your wallet is impt everywhere...not just Rome. Send pics or the link to the apt. when you can!

    Be sure to send the pics of the apt if you get it!

  8. Ewwww Jenny, your so lucky! Italy!!! Im Italian and have never been, it's on the someday list. Yoga pants can be a good thing... time to relax.

  9. Red wine, Italy, beaches! It all sounds wonderful. Check out my blog on Wednesday, I'm posting about one of my new favorite reds!

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