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Knocking-Off Furniture Find

I love to copy furniture pieces from expensive stores.  I love to build things. I love new furniture pieces.  I love can tolerate painting and staining.  So when I found Knock Off Wood this weekend I spent hours and hours perusing it. And planning.

You probably have already heard of Ana since she has been featured on Apartment Therapy and Young House Love, but just in case you missed it, I wanted to share my new favorite place for ideas.

Basically, she finds an awesome piece of furniture from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, or West Elm, and then gives you the plans to make it yourself.  Like really awesome gorgeous furniture. For a fraction of the cost.  With no specialized tools.  And did I mention for free?


Go check out all the plans because there are tons, but the one I have my sights set on first is this baby-

I have dreaming about a canopy bed forever....  In our old house the ceilings were too I waited.  Our current master bedroom has the perfect ceiling for one, but since we have a a perfectly decent set of furniture I have still waited.  But our room is just screaming for one because everything looks so tiny in that much vertical space.

(more master bedroom pics here)

After finding these plans I am re-engerized in my quest for a canopy bed and would already be sawing and hammering except for one detail....Derek wants a bigger bed....which means a new mattress.  And with all the Europe trip planning going on a new mattress might not happen right away.  So I hope to be sharing my handmade canopy bed with all of you ASAP, but until then I hope you all can find some amazing plans for your home as well. 

8 comments on "Knocking-Off Furniture Find"
  1. I love your style! Love the gray bedroom. Thanks for blogging about Knock-Off Wood.

  2. It IS a great site, isn't it? Just found it myself. Hope you make the canopy bed - that would be awesome! Your bedroom looks great so far.

  3. Wow. You have a great bedroom - def. perfect for a canopy. I'm only a little (a lot) jealous of all your space.

    I love that site, too. I think I've pretty much perused through everything, now. I love the farmhouse table. Hubby knows it's on my wish list.

  4. Your bedroom is lovely! Good luck with making your canopy bed... when the time comes!

    Europe trip---how fun!

  5. I've been drooling over Ana's blog, too! I can't decide which project to start first. I love the color of our walls--great room!

  6. What a great bedroom. I'd say that canopy bed will look stunning in there!

    I'm currently in love with that site too - what a great find!

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  8. Great idea on the canopy bed! I think it would look aweson in your bedroom. BTW I love the sofa in front of your bed very nice