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Throw Pillow Conundrum

Since you guys did such an awesome job advising me on the color of curtains for the kitchen (which are still not completed as I am on the hunt for cheap and awesome white fabric just in case you were curious) I am back to get your advice on throw pillows for the family room.

I am embarrassed to admit this question for a couple of reasons.  First, this is what the couch an leather chairs have looked like since we moved in (hanging head in shame)


That's right...the chairs have been pillowless and the couch has had the storebought matchy pillows.

Know what is even sadder?  That I have had fabric to make said pillows for a year and a half.

So before I put out Christmas decorations I managed (after multiple multiple combination) to figure out where I wanted the pillow forms to be least I think.

I wanted it to look random but not too random.  Not matchey matchey but not uncoordinated either.  And the set-up needed to be functional so the pillows just did not pile on the floor.  And I wanted them to stand brown pillow on a dark brown chair.  You see now why this is such a process.

After passing that milestone I even ordered some additional fabric and made a couple of pillow form covers.  I really thought that all the pillows would be done before Christmas rolled around.  Here it is (and two pillows are actually complete with it)-

Paula Prass Garden Trellis

I also found a sheet set on super clearance at Homegoods that I loved the pattern and made another pillow (and bonus I still have tons of material left for other sewing projects).

I was on a roll.... right?

Not that I have cotton prints pillow covers in slightly more modern designs, I am not sure how I feel about the previously bought fabric.

On one hand the other fabric is home decor weight and it was expensive.  I like the patterns (especially the floral) and it matches the "vibe" of the curtains better. And if I don't use it for pillows I have no idea what else I am going to use it for. But to go along with that it is dry clean only. 

On other side of the argument is purchasing an additional cotton print or two.  It is would match the more modern vibe of the pillows I have already sewn.  In addition there is no guilt about laying on them because the covers can be thrown into the wash very easily.  Here are some of the cotton prints I have been eyeing-

Studio E Flourish Beads

Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey- Lindy Leaf

Snow Flower by Dena Designs
(all the fabrics can be found on fabricshoppe's etsy shop here)

So what do you guys think?  Go with the fancier, expensive and already purchased fabrics?  Or buy more cotton prints?  Do you even like the cotton prints I picked out? Or mix and match between the two types of fabric?  Do tell because obviously I am downright confused.
10 comments on "Throw Pillow Conundrum"
  1. Hi Jenny,
    I like the fabric you have choosen, use it! Also, why don't you go to Home Depot and buy those great multi use painters drop cloths and make your drapes from that. I think it would look great and for $20 you can't beat it....just a thought.
    Love your blog!

  2. I love your fabric that you already bought, I would go with it. I think they all kinda go, without being matchy matchy. (And, I love the brown trellis pattern)

    And if it makes you feel better, I'm a terrible pillow person. I can never find a pillow that I like.

  3. I think you should go with what you've already got, they are great patterns.

  4. Well that's a hard decision, I for one love the Heather Bailey fabric. But in the efforts that you already purchased fabric, I'm with everyone else and say go with what you got already! The brown & white trellis is great!

  5. I do love the cotton prints, but the ones you already have are fabulous, so I say stick with 'em!

  6. Yes I whole heartedly agree that the fabrics you already have are fantastic. Go with what you ave

  7. I love the trellis fabric that you pciked out and the fabric you already have - I know what you mean about the fabric weight and wanting it to look right.

    I'd go ahead with the fabric you already have, you can always make more pillow covers and change them out

  8. I like the expensive flowered fabric, and I think that would look great with the other cotton prints you found. Mix and match! Have fun!

  9. While I love all of the cotton prints you picked out, I'm with everyone else. You should definitely use what you've already purchased (it's beautiful, after all!), especially if you don't really have any other use for it. Can't wait to see how it all comes out!

    - e

  10. Love the colors in what you picked. Great choice!