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Spring Break!


Even though my flight was delayed three hours, I was 10 seconds from being embarrassingly airsick and it rained the entire time, my Spring Break Trip to D.C. to visit my college roomie was spectacular because…..

IMG_0719Isn’t she the cutest baby ever? 

Just in case you can’t decide here is some more pics…IMG_0667(1)

And with her beautiful mommy…IMG_0724

In case you still can’t decide…email me.  I have over 100 more pictures to make my case.  I was so busy snapping pics of baby that I somehow missed getting a picture of Katie and I.  Ouch.

I also brought with me her first birthday present, a new fun quilt.IMG_0676(1)

This was by far the most difficult pattern I have attempted thus far.  And I am happy with the results, but it is not perfect.  I titled it appropriately “Learning Experience.”

I used the free Off the Grid  pattern on Moda Bake Shop with Hunky Dory Fabrics by Chez Moi.  I thought the fun prints and colors were perfect for a little girl.

And the back-


And the best pictures of a quilt…being loved by a baby-IMG_0664

Oh the leggings…IMG_0670


And let me share this insanely creative idea for making incredibly cute big blocks inexpensively for babys that Katie came up with.  Use shoeboxes and cover them with scrapbook/wrapping paper and clear packing tape. Genius!


I am not up on my baby crafts, but I thought that was so creative and thrifty.  She was always the crafty one of the two of us.

Of course we did some home decor and fabric shopping during the visit.  I gave Katie her first sewing lesson….and let’s just say we chose a project that was a little tough for her teeny tiny sewing machine.  I was forbidden from taking pics of this and hopefully we can try again next time

Derek is happy to report that since I had to get back on a plane I was not able to buy anything of substance on our escapades.  But Katie scored this amazing mid century modern screen that she plans on using as a headboard from a store called Modernicus.  And it was only $125.  If you are in the DC area and love authentic mid century modern pieces, you will love this store. 

And they helped us wrestle into her Camry in the rain….double score.

And now for your parting gift….IMG_0773


10 comments on "Spring Break!"
  1. That is a great idea for blocks!! Your quilt had to be the most special gift to them.

  2. I adore see little ones in leggings!! So cute

  3. Glad you had a good time! Do you always get airsick?

    The quilt will be something she will cherish for life. I still have mine, and I am 61!!

  4. Total cuteness! And the quilt is gorgeous. I'd hate to think what my version of "learning experience" might look like!

  5. Cute baby. I love the leggings. Killing me with the leg rolls. =)

    The quilt is gorgeous. Do you sleep? I just cannot imagine the time piecing. Maybe I'm just extra slow. I absolutely love the fabrics. You may think it's not perfect, but it looks amazing. I love it! So professional looking. That's one lucky baby.

  6. I would probably have to eat that baby up. Totally cute.

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  8. So glad you enjoyed your trip to DC! She is a beautiful baby, and that quilt looks like another masterpiece.

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