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IMG_0920This picture sums up the week.

Which to most people would not necessarily be a bad thing…other than the fact it is really cheap brand and probably tastes bad.  But Derek and I both have nut allergies(I know weird) and I just returned from the store with this in my bag.


Let’s start at the beginning with the main culprit-


Yeah it’s not working.  We knew it was 20 years old and therefore on it’s last legs.  And when the inspector mentioned that two years ago we just thought we would worry about it later.  I was too busy muttering “I don’t care if we have to paint every.single.surface…….I want it.”  Not sure what was going on in our brains that day.

But we were being all smart (at least I thought so) and budgeted for it as soon as we got back from our vacation in Italy to take advantage of the whole tax credit business.  Unfortunately it did not get the memo of the plan.  Cha-ching.  Bye-Bye master bath remodel.

I was really trying to look on the bright side of this. At least it is not hot yet and therefore not an emergency.  And it didn’t crap out when we were in Italy when it is over 100 degree and my college-aged brother was dog sitting at our house.  Because that would be a fun thing to deal with 10 time zones away.  The bright side.

So…..the connection with peanut butter?

Well, while we were getting a very expensive bid to replace the whole system, something started squeaking in the basement ceiling. 

“Um I am not an exterminator or anything but those sound like mice”.

Super.  This was the first time the thought “I wish we were renting” has ever has popped into my head.

Jack (aka the assassin) added “mouse” to his resume last weekend  in the backyard which I thought was strange and slightly creeped me out.  But now I am really creeped out and the assassin has not left my side if I have to walk into the basement in case the mice decide to make an appearance.  Maybe we should add the nickname of bodyguard.


Hence the peanut butter excursion to use as bait in traps. 


On a sidenote, I know most people do not have food allergies so they cannot relate to this.  But I felt so strange looking at the peanut butter.  Almost like I was in a forbidden aisle with “nut allergy” was stamped across my forehead and someone was going to jump out and bust me.  Or that the cashier was going to look at me and say “peanut butter? you?”    Probably how a teenager feels in an aisle that they know that they should not be in….but not that I experienced that feeling at that age personally of course.

The half-full side of me was happy that everyone was very complimentary of the appearance of our house when they were giving us bids.

But half-empty side reminded me very quickly that they were trying very hard to sell us an expensive piece of equipment.  So sincerity probably should be questioned.

Sigh.  I think that side wins this one.

7 comments on "Grumpy"
  1. What a tough week!!! My mom used to have a mouse that made it into the living room - despite the dogs!!! She has a ridiculous phobia of mice and I know she would have loved a mouse-hunting pooch. Hope it gets better for you.

  2. Ah sorry to hear of the troubles. Homeownership can be a challenge at times...I know the feeling! Brighter, non-peanut buttery days are on their way. :-)

  3. I've had a few of those moments lately too. I really hate putting money into the not-so-fun stuff!!

  4. Im sorry about the trouble they never come at a good time do they.. Anyway we have had are share of mice problems and I am so creept out by them but my husband uses little pieces of american cheese instead of the peanut butter you might want to try that. just an fyi..Hope your weeks to come are much better.

  5. What a bummer, Jenny. We had a disgusting little mouse in our house last week. I seriously hate mice. But, it fianlly got caught.

    It was much better than last year, when we had birds in our walls. WTH?

    Hope it gets better. Owning a home has its ups, and definitely its downs.

  6. Oh my goodness, I hate the thought of mice! We have a ton of HUGE centipedes in our house, so I'm feeling your pain on the unwelcome guests. I like that you are looking on the bright side with the AC, though. And at least you are getting a nice credit back, most people that have replaced pricey AC units got bupkis! Our unit was avocado green which means it is literally from the 70s. It's funny because we got it 'tuned up' and the guy said it works better than some new units he's seen. Well, ok then! A little spray paint and it's 'new' again! haha

  7. Ah, the AC! Part of what I not-so-fondly call "the eternal joy of home ownership"! Remind me to tell you about the flood in our house after our escrow closed but before the new owners moved in. I thought we'd be in court over it, but luckily, they had really good insurance and it all worked out!
    As for mice, we used to get field mice all the time when we lived in the foothills. We had a cat, but he just used to watch them scamper across the floor. He didn't think anything was edible unless it came in a bowl!
    But better mice than the king snake or baby rattlesnake... stories for another day. See what fun awaits you if you own homes long enough?!?