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Project Plume


It is official….without a deadline I am no good at actually completing a quilt. 

Case in point- in all the posts that I talk about a completed quilt I always mention that I wanted better pictures but because of _____ I had to hurry and get it done and therefore all my pictures stink. 

And the fact that I have two half done quilts hanging in the craft room that may never see the light of this blog because they do not have a deadline. 

No surprise that my newest quilt was not any different in the “completing at the last possible moment” category.


But the good/bad news for everyone else is that I have no one to give it to as of right now…so I had a lot more time to take pictures.



If it was not a gift, what was the deadline?

So glad you asked.

I have mentioned the Kansas City Modern Quilting Guild before….but I have forgotten to mention that we are already on our fourth meeting and we have had over 70 people attend the last three and we have already outgrown our original space and Tula Pink is a member of our guild. (she is a fabric designer for you non-quilt people out there).  She and Moda were kind enough to donate 35 charm packs of her latest line Plume to our guild with the following challenge- Make a quilt with just the charm pack and 1/2 yard of any other single fabric of your choosing.  Backing and binding were up to us.  That is not a lot of fabric ……but hence the word “challenge.”

I spent a lot of time thinking about all the creative things I could do with my fabric.  And I had a lot of great ideas.  At least I thought so. 

But I was realistic about my beginning quilting skills and limited time.  And in the end came up with this which I think will make a cute baby girl blanket-


And here is what everyone else came up with (thanks to Shea for the pictures).  Obviously not everyone is a beginner like me because there were some amazing quilts on the Project Plume stage.  And obviously I need to get some blond highlights for spring.



On another quilty note….April is National Quilt month.  And because of this Sew, Mama, Sew is hosting tons of how-tos on their blog (like here).  If would like to get you feet wet with quilting, this would be a perfect place to start.  Our president, Jacquie, has done a lot of the tutorials featured there and I have learned so much just from reading them. So go check it out!

And finally…on my quest for a spring picnic I just had to purchase this-


I thought it just screamed picnic and I am planning on making an incredibly simple picnicing quilt (maybe backed with a laminated cotton??). 

But maybe I need to put a picnic on the calendar so there is a deadline….

13 comments on "Project Plume"
  1. You sure fooled me that you were a beginner! Just beautiful!

  2. My goodness...such talent in that group! I love your modern looking baby girl quilt!

  3. What a pretty quilt - I love the fabric for that picnic quilt!

  4. So pretty, mouth hanging open that 'your only a beginniner' In my eyes yuor far from it!

  5. Laminated back! Genius!

    I loved seeing your quilt at Guild. That yellow piece was my favorite.

  6. I just bought the same "Make Life" stuff! I'm using it to make a "name" quilt for friend getting married. It's really easy - just 8.5 x 9.5 squares and some of them have appliqued letters that spell out their last name. It's from a great book!

  7. this is so pretty! I love the pattern on the front and the pretty diagonal quilting lines. Now you'll have a baby quilt ready to go for the next shower you're invited to.

  8. Um, is it mean to say that yours is my favorite? I wish I didn't have so many unfinished projects... I would love to start quilting!

  9. It's a beautiful quilt! I am so impressed with your quilting skills - I wouldn't even know where to begin.

  10. I love your quilt. Nothing beginner about it. And, I love looking at all the others.

  11. It's so pretty! It was fun to see the group photo with everyone else's quilts too. The picnic quilt fabric is adorable...

  12. Oh that is a project!!!
    So very beautiful:)
    I wish I had the patience to do something like that:)

  13. I think you are far from a beginner. Love your quilt!