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Spring Steals


So I am taking a big step and taking a personal day today.  I have never taken one before, but I am so proud of myself for taking a day to myself and all the projects waiting to be completed. 

Well let’s be honest…..half a personal day.  I have things scheduled at work in the morning but I will get out of there by noon.  Promise. 

Small steps.

While I use my extra couple of hours to work on the ten different spring projects that are partially done, I wanted to share all my great spring buys that I have found recently.

First, has anyone else noticed how expensive outdoor furniture is?  Ouch….especially when you are looking at comfortable outdoor sectionals.  Even at all of our favorite cheap places were were looking at least $1000.  Sigh. I will admit I was frustrated and thought that our outdoor space would be bland and not as functional for another year.  And what fun is that?

But then came to the rescue with this-


Any guesses on how much?  Under $500.  Yeah, so it probably won’t last a million years and become a family heirloom but oh well.  A couple of summers of enjoyment is all we are asking for.  It was also free to ship to the store. 

The box barely wedged into my small SUV.  And by barely I mean we had to take out the carpet in the back for that last centimeter and actually take the sectional out of the box piece by piece while it was in the car because it was so snug in order to extract it.

I am in the process of buying fun fabric for pillows to make it more summery and bright.  Because the throw pillows it came with were pretty ugly. Add that to the project list.

And did anyone spy the other thrifty find I scored this past week?  I will give you a second to scroll up in case you missed it. 


Yep a garden stool for 20 bucks at Homegoods.  I am thinking to use it as a little side table right now but as the outdoor space comes together we will see where it ends up.  Anyway I love it.  And the color.  And the price.

I can’t wait to put together all the details and make our deck an extension of our house.

But in the meantime I will pretend that I am going to spend my afternoon of freedom stopping and smelling these-



(and because of my spring fever I not able to resist at least one flower pic in every post….it will pass soon I promise)

10 comments on "Spring Steals"
  1. Wow, the furniture is a great find, and the garden stool, too! I can't wait to see what you do to accessorize.

    And, happy half-personal day! I hope you accomplish all that you want to! Careful though, you might like it so much that you'll want to take personal days more often...

  2. SO jealous of your small pot table! Now I need to go to Homegoods! I do agree with you though. I can't believe how much outdoor furniture is!

  3. Also, I just sent my husband a link to your blog in hopes of convincing him that we NEED this furniture! Fingers crossed...

  4. I've been checking out Wal-Marts summer outdoor furniture too - I really wanted to see that style in person! I like it because it reminds me of outdoor living and is so functional...I'm hoping to buy outdoor seating and outdoor dining this year, we'll see!

    I'm really digging your blue pot, talk about pretty, it really caught my eye

  5. The furniture looks great - what a great deal. I could never get tired of seeing photos of pretty flowers!

  6. Okay, I have a serious aversion to Wal-Mart. There's really no reason for it, but I do. But, I have to say, the set is awesome. And, the price is perfection. Loves it. (I know you were waiting on my blessing.)

    And, did you take those photos of the flowers?? GORG!

  7. I love that furniture, and you wouldn't know it was from wal-mart. the lilac photo is gorgeous and they are my favorite flower even though I don't have any myself. I just may have swiped a bloom or two from my neighbor's yard on the way home from walking my kids to school.

  8. I think you found a good deal! I bought some wicker items at Home depot for a very reasonable price last summer. Gotta love the summer-end clearance sales! Don't you live HomeGoods for all the fun summer stuff? I'm eyeing up some garden stools, too.

  9. I love what you are doing with the outdoor space. Ours needs a refresh as well. I will be on the look out at Ikea, Marshall's and Lowe's

  10. Oh...I love the flower photographs!! They make me happy...keep um coming:)
    I love wally world can get the cutest stuff for the most reasonable prices....just don't expect it too last very long:)