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The TV Question


So since the bed is done, I have been working on accessorizing the master bedroom so that it complete.   Not just 90% but completely finished.  Which you all know is a big step for me.


But in trying to complete this process I have come across an obstacle that I have not been able to wrap my brain around how to successfully hide it’s ugliness. 


You see it?  Yep the cable box (the speakers aren’t my favorite either but they don’t bother me as much for some reason).  I don’t think the reed diffuser is masking it. 

So how did the cable box find its home on the dresser?  Isn’t there a better place for it? Let’s back up a bit.

It all started when I declared that I did not want a TV in the bedroom.  Growing up we did not have cable and TV was not a big part of our lives.  We were not allowed to have TV’s in our rooms and we all had to figure out how to share one.  Sounds like fun huh? Derek on the other hand really enjoyed having a TV in the bedroom and assumed when we got married that we would have one.  Because that is what people do.

I lost the battle 5 years ago.

But until recently this is where our TV was located in our room as I did not want to crowd a dresser with it and a new flat screen was planted firmly on the “want” list and nowhere near the “need” column.  It was classy as well as dusty.


However when we went to the furniture store to buy a mattress, somehow this magically followed us home.


Amazing how that happened.

So you can see that there is no place for the cable box where the TV is located.  The box currently is near the location of the original cable outlet.  So Derek ran the longest wire ever through the attic and down the wall to the TV.  In order to change the channel, you have to point the remote to the box on the dresser and not the TV. This took some getting used to and still is a little strange.

But that leads me to the problem….I can’t cover the cable box with a basket or something else because of the remote issue.  And that is the same reason it has to be in a prominent location and not stuck on some shelf somewhere.

So do you creative people have any ideas about how to fix this?  I will admit that the TV is really growing on me and maybe I was even……wrong.    Or are there more “no TV in the bedroom” people out there?

While you are thinking here are some other sneak peek pics of the other things I am putting together in the space-




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  1. Here is an idea for spraying painting over glass, which still allows for the remote to work:

  2. We didn't grow up with TV's in our room either! I've heard it makes it harder to go to sleep and professionals advise against it in the bedroom too. But I, just like yourself, lost that battle also. :)

  3. Hi, i have been following your blog for a bit now...and have to admin i even just made my husband help me build those raised veggie boxes. :) husband is obsessed with electronics - i mean it. You know those stupid Miller Lite commericials...the one where she asks who would you save from a cliff me or your mom...well if you asked my husband me or his electronics - i would lose that battle...

    Now, I dont know if this is an option for you...but we just mounted a tv in the living room and i didnt want the boxes on my (hold your breath), i let him cut into our wall (behind which is his closet not mine) and he built a box that slid right into the hole. He putty around it to secure it in place and then sanded and painted and it looks like a professional built in. I am not sure if that is an option for you...but that is what i had to accept (when i got home from work and saw it had already taken place). HAPPY HIDING!

  4. Love the frosted glass idea. Mine was maybe something like a mesh or thinking radiator cover type box. oh boy, I got nothing! lol

  5. I wish flat screens followed me home! :-) Looks great!

  6. I completely agree with no TV's in the bedroom. We grew up with TV's in each room of the house, and everyone was always glued to the tube! When I moved into my own house I made it a point not to put a TV in any other room than the great room. That way, when it's time for bed - you simply go to bed. No excuses.
    The bedroom is for Rest, Relaxation and well a few other things too!

  7. Hey Jenny - I have to say, your room is looking great! I found your blog through Knock Off wood and have been enjoying seeing your house projects! Maybe you could try some sort of mesh wire basket/ box for the modem with a hole cut in the back for the cords to come out? Something that would look similar to the Youngsters desk ( but that would still let your remote work.
    I hope you find a solution that works. Congrats on a beautiful space!

  8. You could put a table/dresser under the TV and hide the cable box in there?

  9. I just read this on YHL yesterday:

    So you could get a flat box for your cable box to fit in, and just slice a thin rectangle in the front so the remote can still reach through to change the channel. Would that work?

    We are also a NO TV in the bedroom couple, so you could always entertain that change. :)

  10. I love your bed! It's pretty much identical to the one I got a furniture store right down to the frame canopy. Clearly you have amazing taste. I agree with you about the TV too. I also grew up without cable, and I still don't have it, although that say's more about my innate cheapness than anything else. :)

  11. I finally won the "no tvs in the bedroom" argument with my fiance only recently! By the way I love your blog and you have inspired us to really consider staining our kitchen cabinets!

  12. I lost the battle too. When husband and I moved in together, we had too many tv's. One was surely going in our bedroom, he said. Oh well.....I really love your bed! Looks great!

  13. Hi Jenny - this is Mark's wife from your work. I follow you on my rss reader ever since I was able to tour your home. There is a 'device' where you put a wireless sensor that you place near your tv and then you aim your remote to that - I think it is super small. You can then put your cable box where you need it and not worry about pointing the remote to it. I will have Mark bring you info - he knows more about it.

  14. I love our tv in the bedroom! It's where we have our dvr so we both get to catch up on our shows while the other is in the shower. With two little boys, it's hard to find time to watch tv until they are in bed and by then, we are exhausted too!
    If you can't find a way to hide it, perhaps just centering the cable box on that dresser will help you feel more at peace with it. I have mine like that, with the center part of our stereo thingy just like yours on top of it and then a speaker to each side. For some reason, symmetry makes it look more purposeful...not exactly the right word, but I think you get my point. Good luck!

  15. I'm not at all technically savvy, so I'll ask the stupid question: do you actually need the cable box? (assuming it is an actual cable box and not a DVR, OnDemand, etc.) Your flat screen may be capable of directly interpreting the cable signals on its own. It could be worth doing a trial plug of the coaxial cable directly into the TV to see what happens. (It works for us.) This probably depends on your type of cable service and your provider.

  16. we just got a tv in our bedroom about a month ago, after not having one for years! we don't have a cable box though. good luck - i'm sure you will find a way to hide it!

  17. I love it. I don't mind the cable box at all, but it always bothers you more than others, right?

    Love the egg crate. I seriously would like to pick one up the next time I'm at Ikea.

  18. I have no ideas for you short of buying another piece of furniture that allows you to frost glass doors, shut it behind doors when not in use, etc. Sorry.

    I used to be 100% pro TV in the bedroom for snuggling on cold nights, being sick in bed, future movie nights with kids. And yet we never watch our bedroom TV - so I'm thinking of moving it out.

  19. We have never had a TV in the bedroom. But we DO have a hole cut in the wall (it's behind where the door to the bedroom opens where no one can see it). Don't know if that would work for you anywhere or not. Maybe you could put a louvered door over the space and open it when you want the TV (if the infrared signal would not go through), or you could put glass on the front of it. (We have glass on the door over our components in the great room, and the signal is no problem.)
    Or perhaps Derek could build a little surround with glass in the front that would just sit over the cable box where it is on the dresser. If he is really talented, he might even be able to make the box a jewelry box on top and give it an added function.

  20. I didn't have a tv in our bedroom for the longest time, but husband bought us one - when he got tired of me sneeking off in the morning to watch tv to get ready for work! lol

    I don't mind tv's in rooms - maybe a diy route build a wood scrool box for the cable box to sit it? that way you can still click the channells??

  21. I lost the battle and somehow ended up with a 54" monstrosity in our bedroom...we compromised with a nice media stand from PB so it wasn't too horrible.

    As far as how to store the cable box in a sneaky fashion, I would convert the top drawer into a flip front so that it opens down kind of like a secretary desk. The only piece of hardware to add would be hinges that I cannot remember the name for (We always called them piano bench hinges) but you could drill a hole in the back of your dresser, run the cables through, put the cable box inside the drawer, then neatly saw off the dresser drawer front, and reattach with hinges so that you can flip the front "open" when you're using the TV, and flip it shut when you aren't, so it just looks like a closed drawer when not in use.

    Good Luck!

  22. We both fought the tv in the bedroom for some time. Now we reserve that TV for movie nights and it does come in handy when I want to watch something else other than the Red Sox...

    As for the cable box, it really isn't too much of a eye sore. But, I do like some of the creative solutions everyone suggested. By the looks of all of your projects, you will have something figured out before you even get this comment!

  23. I refuse to have a tv on our room, and I will not lose the battle! I think your hub's solution was a pretty crafty one, though. I'm going to have the same issue when I put a tv in our den, it will be wall mounted with the cable box on the dresser and I have to come up with some clever way to mask it. I'm thinking a simple painted wood box with metal 'radiator' grate in front, with something pretty on either side.

  24. A remote control extender system may be helpful. See for an example.

    As long as the cable box is wired to the cable outlet and wired to the television, you can hide it anywhere without worrying about it being able to "see" the remote.

  25. I saw a tut somewhere about using a dresser as a tv stand. I've always wanted to, but then couldn't figure out what to do with the stuff. This person took the drawers out & put hinges on them so they opened up instead of pulling out, if htat makes sense. That would work in your bedroom. email me if you want the tut & I can try to find it.