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A Dog’s Life


In the quest to slowly but surely get the master bedroom to being officially an “after”, I knew we had to something about one of the last eyesores in the room-the dog beds. 


The current ones were plaid, old and furry.  But they are a necessary evil.

Because you can’t just take away their beds because they are ugly.  Well I guess you could, but that would not be very nice.

And you can buy some cute dog beds but they were never the perfect size or color for our space.  And what fun is buying them when you can easily make them?

So a little while ago I bought some fabric I loved for this purpose.IMG_0633

(In case you are curious…the fabrics are Summer Soiree by Paula Prass and Two by Two Stripe by Michael Miller)

Horribly impractical with the white being perfect to exhibit mud and the black a magnet for dog hair.

But oh well….I told myself that is what a washing machine is for.

I made the beds very simply. I just measured the space, added a couple of inches for seam allowances and the depth of the pillow, and then constructed it just like an envelope backed pillow.  In other words exactly how you could make a pillow case for a pillow form.  Super quick and easy.  And a perfect beginner sewing project.

Here is the back on one bed with the overlapping fabric.


Then you just have to stuff it with something soft and washable. 

You could make a matching pillow form with muslin and polyfil for this purpose.

Or you could be green (and cheap) like me and find something laying around to stuff it with.  Because let’s be honest anything that is soft (for the dogs) and washable (for you) would work.

So let’s just say that you melted a king size duvet insert trying to stuff it in your washer which turned out to be too small.  Not that you (or I) would be dumb enough to do that….we are talking hypothetically.  You could cut that in pieces and stuff your beds with that.  Hypothetically of course.


Whatever you use does not not need to be perfectly sized.  Just shove it in there and you get this….


or this….


Perfectly smooth….no.  But cheap and honestly our dogs have more fun shifting and digging at the lumps to get it to their liking.  Smooth beds are boring.

And if you have extra fabric you could make a little pillow for their head.  


Winter had already shifted the pillow for her liking….but of course would not lay on it as soon as the big bad camera made an appearance.

She was however happy to try both beds before determining which was to her liking.


Which one do you think she should choose?  Is she more a chevron or stripe type of girl?

23 comments on "A Dog’s Life"
  1. Jenny this is such a cute idea and I love the fabric. Someone I know, not naming names (myself) :) did the exact same thing with a comforter from VS and I haven't been able to part with it so I think I might steal your idea for the stuffing. Great post.

  2. Very cute project and your dog is gorgeous!

  3. Those turned out so cute! It looks like Winter has a hard decision to make. My dog loves his little fleece bed I made for him. I think I may make him a matching pillow too! He likes to rest his head on a stuffed toy so I'm sure he would love a pillow :).

  4. Those are the most stylish pup beds I've ever seen. I've been promising Casco a bed for downstairs for months, might have to find myself a melted duvet insert! Fabulous project!!!

  5. Love it!! your making me want to sew one for our little dog! He needs more style lol

  6. What a good idea! I love the chevron pattern. You did such a great job - and I'm sure my dog will appreciate that now I have something to do with my old comforter!

  7. How nice, you are such a good mommy to your baby...And now comfy. I love the fabric..And your precious dog, how adorable.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  8. What a good idea! I am in love with these. My dog would be too - he would love them to death, until the stuffing is all over the floor. Which is why I'm not going to make him one, much as I'd like to:(

  9. Great idea. A company, Molly Mutt, sells heavy-duty duvets that you stuff yourself. Same idea, but making your own is even more frugal (and more customizable)!

  10. cutest dog beds i've ever seen! i think she looks like a chevron girl...

  11. They look awesome!!! I thinks Winter looks more at ease on the stripes. What a great model she is for you!

  12. These look amazing, and are such a good use for a hypothetically ruined blanket! I admire your unwillingness to settle on average dog beds!

  13. Those are really classy, and eye-catching. I like that choice of fabric, and the squareness of the beds. I may adapt this idea myself. Great job!

  14. I love those beds... so cute. Thank you for the idea.. I wouldn't be able to choose they are so cute.

  15. So cute! My dog is used to my camera by now, but she is very picky about her bed. This is a great tutorial. :)

  16. these look fabulous! What great prints for dog beds.

  17. OMG, your poochie is living in style! Love those fabrics.

  18. Definitely chevron. :-) Love these!

  19. This is great! Thanks for the idea! :)

  20. Great job and I love that chevron fabric! I'm sure the dog loves them too :-).

  21. both are super PRETTY..but i like the striped one!

  22. This is a PERFECT idea for our soon-to-be adopted four-legged son. And it just so happens that I have a cheap, but fluffy, king sized comforter that we got free with purchase of a very expensive mattress. It'll make GREAT stuffing.
    Thanks for sharing!