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War Has Officially Been Declared


Rabbits are no longer welcome in our yard.

It rained a lot last week.  Like a cold week of April rain in May.  It was weird but it was a good excuse to get things done inside and deal with the stress of the end of the school year.

But one afternoon I got home from work and noticed all the pink roses were laying on the ground at the back of the yard.  The roses that were among the plants that I had spent an entire weekend preparing a bed for and planting.

“Wow it must have rained really hard last night to knock all those petals off of the roses”

Then I walked out there and saw this.  I guess the stem right under the flower were the tastiest.


And it made me very angry.  As in hoping the rabbits were bleeding internally from the thorns.  If we did not have a solid six foot fence around our yard, I would have thought that we had a deer problem.

Obviously with the rain, my number one rabbit repelling/killing team was not spending a lot of time outside.  Failures.


When it finally stopped raining I went out to spray Liquid Fence to deter them.  And I found even more damage.  Which made me angrier.


But, I have had success with this product in the past.   You have to reapply it every time it rains, which gets really old.  And it smells like a mixture of rotten eggs, puke, and toilets.  Two reasons why it is not a product that I look forward to using.

I was serious though so it applied it over all non-edible plats while muttering things like “die rabbits die.”  And even though the direction of the wind kept changing, dousing me in eau de rotten eggs that took two showers to get rid of, I was satisfied that I had foiled the mangy rabbits.  Victory!

The next day I walked over to the vegetable beds and witnessed this.


I refuse to spray liquid fence on the spinach because even if it was suitable for human consumption, I really don’t want my salad smelling or tasting like a toilet.  So I spayed some on the dirt in between the rows of spinach in the hopes that it may work.  And I laid some chives from my previously overgrown plant around it randomly.  Because in my mind, rabbits don’t like the smell of onions.  Probably not true, but in my agitation I was not thinking that straight.  And it sounded good.

According to my scientific google search, cayenne pepper and human hair also are good repellents.  But call me crazy, I again hesitate to put that all over food I hope to eat.

Sigh. So I think we are going to have to make a chicken wire fence around the raised beds to keep them out.  As well as to keep out one of the rabbit repellers who has shown a recent affinity for strawberries fresh from the plant.


Fence….Ugly? Yes….but probably will be necessary. 

Because I will win this war one way or another.

I hope.

18 comments on "War Has Officially Been Declared"
  1. I'm not sure if this works for rabbits, but my Aunt swears that putting a bar of irish spring soap on a stick and putting that in your garden will keep deer away. Maybe it works for rabbits??

  2. For your spinach and other young greens, you can use milk crates-just put them over the plants while they are in the early stages of growing. Those pesky bunnies only like the new tender growth and the crates still let in sunlight, and aren't permanent or hard to manage. They don't look very nice, but they work. Good luck getting rid of the rabbits!

  3. We use Liquid Fence to and I have to go inside while my husband does it so I don't vomit and make the smell worse. They eat our broccoli every year! Rosie, I will try the crate thing, good idea!

  4. Oh that Liquid Fence....I gagged all the way down our new hedge row when we used it....darn rabbits. Unfortunately the best solution I have found is to cage EVERYTHING you don't want eaten....they are terrible little pests. I try to encourage the stray cat population when I get a chance. ;-) A little dish of food in the garden never hurt.

  5. How incredibly frustrating. I wonder if there is an overpopulation of rabbits this year because we have never had them in our yard, and suddenly this year they have taken over. The other day I looked out and there were four of them outside chasing each other. So help me if they start eating stuff in my garden...

  6. I was just getting my hair cut last night when a woman came in to get a bag full of hair from the stylists for her garden because of rabbits! Too funny.

  7. What a bummer. We didn't have a problem with rabbits last year, but I noticed a rabbit last week. My Pomeranian, oddly enough, is a rabbit killer. She got into a nest of baby rabbits last month, and will chase anything like that off. Maybe I can put her on guard duty once the garden is in.

  8. Pesky rabbits! We had the same issues with squirrels. Hope it all works out!

  9. Oh yes! Those little rabbits are everywhere! We see their little cottontails all over the place. We do not have enough sunshine to grow anything edible in our they just on hop through to our neighbors!
    Good luck. I have heard something about human hair keeping deer away...don't know about rabbits. :(

  10. Did you try marigolds? That and chicken wire are our system. I've also heard folks doing what Rosie says with success.

    Hope you can figure it out!

  11. Rabbits ATE my marigolds. Seriously. Along with most of my other new plants, so I put up chicken wire.

    Now birds are eating my strawberries.

    Must buy a pellet gun...

  12. I'm getting angry for you! We have deer problems around here... I spent HOURS planting flowers along my fence just to have the ENTIRE plants eaten by them :(.

  13. And, PS - we totally have a wire fence, and I think it looks really neat and nice. So, it can be done in my humble opinion. Just give yourself space to walk inside.

  14. Jenny,
    You made me laugh so hard at your plight. I know not nice on my part, but I did need the laugh and I do share your pain. I do not have rabbits but moles that leave the top of the plant perfect, until the poor plant wilts and tips over from lack of root system. Keep fighting the good fight, and thanks for sharing.

  15. Nit sure about rabbits, but this works for my squirrels and chipmunks!
    Go to the garden store {I found mine at home depot} - look on the fertilizer aisle.
    "BLOOD MEAL" - this keeps those pesky little furry rodents out of my flower garden and vegetables too. It is actually a natural fertilizer, so it not only keeps the little guys away, it also helps promote growth!

  16. If you have a zoo near you, you can try lion (or other large animal) dung. They use it at the Wild Animal Park to keep the coyotes away. If coyotes are afraid of it, it ought to totally terrorize the rabbits! Beth
    P.S. I am signing this as the site is refusing my password right now...

  17. I love your repelling/killing team. Sadly, I can't grow anything in our backyard because our dogs are the biggest enemy of anything I try to grow. Good luck... hope you find a good solution!

  18. Grrrrr! I can just imagine how angry you were! I hope you win the war!