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With the majority of my time spent in the garden recently, the craft room and sewing machine has not been getting a lot of love.  But I did manage to whip up another small baby quilt.


The pattern is  Charm Squares Baby Quilt that I found on Sew Mama Sew.  It was super quick and easy and I had the top pieced in an hour or two.  Which for me is super fast as I am still really slow and like to admire each piece of fabric before moving on.  And it did not take much fabric.  Just a charm pack and 5/8 yard of other fabric and you have the top pieced.. 


When I chose the fabric, they did not know if they were going to be the lucky parents of a boy or girl and I thought Authentic was the perfect choice.  It had a little more pink in it than I originally pictures, but it worked out OK because they will be welcoming a baby girl.  Luck over skill.

I backed it with cream flannel to add a little snuggle for the baby.


I also whipped out some burp clothes.  Another super quick and easy project that does not take too much fabric.  Just a little patience with ironing and measuring to get everything lined up right.  And so much cuter than just a plain cloth diaper to throw over your shoulder.



My next quilting project will be a first for me….a quilt I am actually planning on keeping.  Since I made the resolution that we would use the picnic basket this year, I determined that we needed a picnic quilt.  My goal was to make it super easy so that it would come together quickly so we could use it before it got too sweltering.  Good news: the quilt top is really close to being complete.  The bad news is that I missed the sweltering deadline.  Oh well.  We can still picnic in the heat.  Can’t wait to share that quilt (in conjunction with our picnic of course).

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  1. I liked that pattern too, and yours turned out so cute. I may have to bump it up my to do list. Nice gift Jenny!

  2. Beautiful baby blanket!!! And so modern....I can't really get behind the Winnie the Pooh kind of I would have LOVED to receive this for one of my kiddos!!! And I love how you said, oh i just whipped this up...such talent!!

  3. Adorable - I love the colors that you've chosen. It's totally babyish without being in your face. So awesome. I think you have just inspired me to get my sewing machine out again...

  4. Love the pattern. I love how you did something unexpected and different on the back.

    For the actual quilting are you just doing it freeform? How do you decide on a pattern?

  5. It is awesome, and I really love the cream side! You always do such an amazing job with them. How long have you been quilting?

    I so wish I could learn to quilt before this baby comes. I will have to leave he quilting to my grandmother and aunt for now!

  6. I love the colors. It really looks great. Whipped it up? You are so talented.

    My sewing machine hasn't seen me since April. Poor thing.

  7. Love the colors of the quilt. And the burp clothes are such a fancy touch too!

  8. Nicole-

    I just a random zigzag on my sewing machine. I need to learn some new patterns though for something more interesting....

  9. Unfortunately your cilantro bolted (I think this happens if it gets to hot and the plant grows too fast). If you let those seeds drop it may come back next year.

  10. So beautiful! I love the colors you chose and I really love the pattern.

  11. Oh my goodness, the baby quilt is beautiful!! Do you sell them?

  12. What a beautiful quilt! I love the combination of fabric you used. Makes me want to whip out the sewing machine right now!

  13. what an adorable quilt! I love that new sweetwater line.