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So lately I have been a bad blogger and commenter.  Chalk it up to way too much going on at work paired with too many projects going on and not enough time to write about them.  And I have a bad cold. Blah.

The good news is the outdoor space is really close to it’s big reveal with more projects on the horizon.  But while I dig out from my neglected google reader, I wanted to share two good deals we scored last week for the deck.

First up- a perfect place to read a book-


OK well the second best place to read a book.  But until our trees get big enough for a hammock or I can find a non-ugly stand for cheap, a rocking chair will have to do.  I had spent the past two months looking for one and even in all my cheap places like overstock, I was looking at over $100. Which was higher than my self-imposed budget.  But then I found this adirondack rocker at Jo-ann’s for $45.  It is white-washed cedar and I put it together on my own rather easily.  Good thing I needed some more fabric.

After buying the rocker I decided that really did not need an outdoor rug and that it was not worth the money.  The outdoor space would just have to be complete without it.  End of story.

However we just happened to be in Home Fabrics and Rugs.  If you have one of these stores in your area and you have not ventured there, you should go ASAP.  They have a variety of home dec fabrics and rugs for really good prices.  And it is always changing …which is why we have to stop in there anytime we are close by.  Just to see of course.

And this time I will admit that I was happy Derek was with me.  Even though he was hurrying me with “So what is is exactly you are looking for"?”.  Men.

But he found a perfect outdoor 8x11 rug that was tagged for $150.  Which for a rug that size is already a good price.  And then he bartered it to $100.  Which I had no idea was possible and I would have never have tried it.

So this is now under our sectional-


And I love it….even with a cold.

5 comments on "Life Lately"
  1. Great finds! I hope you feel better.

  2. I LOVE that store! We're hopefully going to recover our couches, so we've scoped it out once and should go back soon to check again. The price difference in home dec fabrics between Jo Ann and that store is astounding.

  3. I hope there's a store near us! The rug looks great I like the colors alot...and I love those style chairs

  4. Lovin' the rug! Totally jealous, and way to go getting it for even less.

    And, I adore the chair, too. A-dore.

  5. Love the rug and the rocking chair. What great finds, hope you're feeling better!!