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My New Best Friend


I know everyone has probably heard of Angie’s List because it is nothing new.  But we had were one of those people who had never thought about using it.  Until our AC bit the dust. We joined in order to make an educated decision about hiring someone to replace the HVAC system.  Then we used it to find an electrician to fix the wiring in our house that was casing the A/C to keep tripping the breaker.  And the then we used it to hire someone to help us find our house again from the tree that was swallowing it. 

I was playing with the idea of just chopping it down because I hated it so much.  But it is amazing what a lot of trimming did to change my mind.

Here is the the after-


I really meant to have a “before” but he came early and I had just gotten back from the pool.  It would have been weird enough to start snapping pictures of the tree with them there, but adding a swimsuit into the mix I decided it was not worth it.  So you will have to you you imaginations that it was covering all the top windows and only the bottom two feet of the door and bottom windows were showing.  No pizza delivery guy was finding our house.  And it was hitting the roof (which I do have a before pic of weirdly enough.)


So while this site costs money to join, it was worth every penny as we have been very satisfied with everyone we have found through them.  Now if only tree trimming wasn’t so expensive…..

6 comments on "My New Best Friend"
  1. We love Angie's List! My mom's kitchen contractor paid for her subscription in exchange for a review - positive or negative - and we've all been using her account daily since! Your house is gorgeous, I'm moving in.

  2. I haven't used Angie's list before, but I've heard lots of good things. I'm sure I'll be checking it out in future.

  3. i havn't sued it yet, but good to know it you've had good results.

    BTW: your home is so pretty!

  4. I've never heard of Angie's List. I gotta check it out.

    You have such a great home. I don't know if I've seen it from this angle. Lovely.

  5. It's so HGTV looking now!!! I've never heard of the you have it somewhere on your blog or a link to it??
    Your house looks so pretty!!! But I'm totally with you on the swimsuit thing!!!!

  6. I had to break up with Angie's list because they had NO contractors in my city, only in Milwaukee which is 30+ minutes away. I thought that should have been disclosed before I paid - and they gave me a refund. I like my contractors to be near my house in case there is an issue after the fact, and I like to support my city businesses. But I'm glad they are reputable!