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A Lot of Bits of Randomness


Projects are back in full swing at our house and I can’t wait to share what we have been up to.  That explains my lack of posting this week (and the fact that being back at work is kicking my butt in the time arena).  So while we finish up stuff here, I have some random thoughts.  Which I am going to attempt to string together in some coherent form.  Here goes:

1.  We learned a valuable lesson last week.  Curtains really shrink when you wash them.  Even if they are labeled as machine-washable.

Case in point-  Our office curtains were slightly dirty due to two years of this.IMG_2801

I am pretty embarrassed it took us two years to actually wash them and not just lint roll them.  Since they pooled on the ground previously, I assumed some shrinking would not be a big deal. 

But now our curtains are waiting for a flood.



Well since the office is in the midst of a mini-makeover I guess we can add curtains to the list.  Of course we could just lower the rods but I wish they were higher anyway and I am currently not digging the more traditional pattern.  There was a rumor going around the house that I may have shrank them on purpose…..but that is untrue.  It just was a unfortunate accident.

So now I am on the hunt for a more modern fabric in the same color family.  So far nothing has popped out at me.  I was so inspired by some Michael Kors greek key sheets I spied at Homegoods but they were tan and not black and I cannot find them in black anywhere.  But other than that small color problem they were perfect.  Any great ideas?

Speaking of curtains…..

#2 I listened to the majority and ordered white fabric for the drapes in the kitchen.


Ignore the fact it has taken my 10 months to get to it.  (and the fact it is still on the bolt).  But it is getting prewashed because I am planning on liking these drapes for awhile.  I went with a linen blend because I liked the texture (and it was on sale…which is a bonus when you need 27 yards of something).

Speaking of never ending projects….

#3 We finally have glass shelves in our open cabinets….2 years later.


Now we just need to work on the glass in the doors.  I would say stay-tuned but it may be awhile.  I am enjoying getting the dishes off the counter and empty cabinet space.  And how it looks much more finished.  In case you were wondering I have absolutely no excuse to why it took this long to get them.

Speaking of……well…the kitchen??

#4 I picked a few tomatoes last night


Pizza sauce here we come! The two tomato plant are not doing well themselves because of some infestation I can’t figure out (and refuse to spray for) but luckily that does not seem to be affecting the actual tomatoes.

Told you I would find a away to tie it all together.

12 comments on "A Lot of Bits of Randomness"
  1. Wow! I had no idea curtains shrink that much when you wash them. I obviously haven't washed ours either so I feel like I should really do that now...

  2. your dogs are adorable! i would let them dirty my curtains any day :)
    thanks for the heads up about shrinkage - but i guess i never wash mine either so that's probably not a big deal...

  3. Hey jenny!! your blog and home are gorgeous, so happy to meet you and those tomatoes look heavenly!

  4. Your dogs are so cute!! I'd keep 'em around, even if they flood your curtains. ;) (Pretty fabric, by the way) Jealous of your tomatoes--we got ours in too late and haven't had any luck this summer. :(

  5. I have just found your blog and I am loving your home. Sorry about your curtains. Unfortunately, like clothing they can shrink. Instead of moving the rod, you could always attach a nice coordinating fabric to the bottom to lengthen them and give them an updated look ;o) BTW, the tomatoes look yummy!

  6. Did you see the pizza sauce recipe in the Ball book? (Yes, I shamelessly copied you and got the book at the library.) It looks yummy, too. I'm going to try it after salsa.

    I can't believe the curtains shrunk so much. I don't wash my curtains. I clean them, but I figure that's good enough. Now I have a reason why. ;)

    And, LOVE the glass shelves. Seriously dying over here.

  7. Smith and Noble has some contemporary prints online that you can order by the yard... though no Greek key.

  8. You have some exciting stuff going on! At least you have curtains. We are going on 3 years on our house and I have still not hung one curtain - horrible. Love the dogs by the windows, too cute!

  9. You have the perfect windows for dogs! Our little guy would love to lounge in front of a window like that. Too bad about the curtains.

    I'm jealous you still have tomatoes! My plants are done for the season and I'm already having tomato withdrawal.

  10. I feel you on the curtains. I just shrunk my living room ones. The package said 4% shrinkage so I added that back in when hemming. Apparently when you wash according to the instructions, it's much more than 4%. Ugh. Mine are high waters too. :(

  11. Too bad about your curtains (or maybe not!). Who would have thought?

    Looking forward to seeing all that you have been working on!

  12. i want to make pizza sauce and don't have the room to store it!!1 enjoy!