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With a Cherry on Top


I thought this would remain my favorite canning book of the season.  I mean it has tons and tons of great recipes like the delicious salsa.  What could top that?


Well I also found this book at the library.IMG_2866

And while it does not nearly the amount of recipes the the Ball book, it has such a unique and delicious twist on canning recipes that it is still in the running for my favorite.

Like this….


That picture made me drool and who doesn’t like wine?

So after investing in a cherry pitter and some really cheap wine we know have five pints of this goodness


And it was heavenly with cream.   So heavenly it was gone before a picture was snapped.  Not to mention the way the kitchen smelled while it was simmering.

I was not a lazy canner this time and actually went through the whole process so that these lovelies can sit in the pantry for a long time.  And when we have last minute guests, we can just break open a jar and add some cool whip and voila….an easy elegant delicious dessert.  Or we could just keep it all to ourselves. 

But if cherries are not up your alley this book has tons of other unique recipes I can’t wait to try.




10 comments on "With a Cherry on Top"
  1. i've never heard of this book but i think it is one i need to invest in. i just finished canning my jams and i wonder if the farmer's market will have some cherries. that dessert looks delicious. thanks for posting about the book

  2. You don't even need to can! Just pour a little balsamic vinegar over some strawberries and add black pepper to taste!

  3. I gotta find this book. Looks delicious. =)

  4. That cherry recipe looks amazing! I'm definately going to have to go scoop up a bunch of bing cherries from Aldi's this weekend.

  5. This looks fabulous - I just commented to Kim that you and she are inspiring me. I'm just not sure I'm courageous (or dedicated) enough to bite the bullet and try it yet.

  6. OH my that looks delicious! to justify ANOTHER canning book purchase....I must find a way. ;-)

  7. That looks heavenly. We just finished making lavender peach butter. I will definitely have to check out this book.

  8. oh wow - cherries in wine?! Sounds delicious!

  9. Both of those books look great. Those cherries look scrumptious!!

  10. I still haven't tried canning! It looks so difficult, but I think I can do it. Of course, now that summer's over, I guess it's too late?