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Ode to Overstock


The UPS/FedEx/mail men were among my favorite people this week.  They just kept bringing boxes of goodies.  Not all the boxes are ready to be revealed, but a couple are unpacked and up and running.

When we last left the dining room ceiling saga, I was stumped with what to do.  And out of my list of options, most of you picked Derek’s option of adding the white edging so that the colors looked more similar.

dining room ceiling fun

Derek would like to thank everyone for voting for him.  He reads the blog, but usually does not mention much about it except “do you want me to take pictures of this while I am doing it?”  But on the day on the dining room post I got a call at work making sure that I was not missing the comments that people were agreeing with him.

So I did it.

And it took awhile.

And again it looked great during the day, but at night it looked even worse.  The white of the crown molding and the white of the ceiling looked like completely different colors even though they were the exact.same.paint. 

Very very frustrating.

So at this point, I knew I had to do something about the light fixture since the yellow globes were the main problem.

I bought some other non-yellow globe options and honestly some of them were OK.  But to replace all the globes was going to cost over $70 and for that amount of money I decided I would rather move that light fixture to another location and get a new one for the dining room.

(I apologize for the lack of pictures of the globes….Derek had the new light fixture installed while I was out with friends and did not realize I had not done it yet.  I couldn’t be upset with him because he was installing a light fixture while I was getting a pedicure,  Guess he made up for the whole everyone liking his idea thing.)

Anyway enter overstock and this beauty.


Love the bling.


And while the space is not a total after yet, the ceiling and light is finally finished.


Even at night…..


My other overstock love landed right outside the dining room in the entryway. 

We have had this rug from our prior house in the entryway since we moved in.  It was not bought for the space and no longer fits the style of our house.  Even Derek agreed we needed something new.


I wanted to keep this size rug however for a couple of reasons.  The floors are orange of course and are really beat up in the entryway.  Also when the dogs are running down the stairs at full speed and hit a bare hard wood floor they go flying and further damage the floor.  Hence the need for a big rug.

We tried the IKEA rug in the space and it was too busy and did not flow from the style of the dining room.


Again Overstock to the rescue with this baby….


Love it.  I think the colors and style are perfect.


Now off to open up the other boxes. 

And never paint another dining room ceiling again.

18 comments on "Ode to Overstock"
  1. The rug colors ARE perfect! And I love the new light fixture! So sparkle-y!

  2. Don't think I was reading during your dining room dilemma. But I totally understand what you are talking about.

    We recently redid our bathroom (which is still not finished) and my DH had the idea to paint the quarter-round the same color as the wall. Mind you he painted the base boards white. While the color contrast is nice the quarter-round doesn't match the wall color and it is the same exact paint! Hubby tells me it's because of the different textures of material. Still deciding here if I like it.

    I love your close to "after" dining room. I really like how the bling from the light creates the effect on the wall.

  3. Wow. I love that light, and look at the way it bounces off the walls! Beautiful. And the colors of the rug and design are beautiful. :)

  4. The new light fixture is perfect! The light that comes off of it is amazing! And the new rug, awesome! I love the Ikea one, but you were right. It didn't quite fit between the rooms.

  5. I love that light fixture. It's gorgeous. The rug is great too. Love the color!

  6. I love your new goodies! The light fixture is the perfect amount of sparkle and I love, love, love the rug. (And I know just what you mean about dogs running down the stairs at full speed!). My favorite part of overstock is the $2.95 shipping on everything--no mater how big or heavy. Such a deal.

  7. Oh wow I LOVE the rug--which one is it? I want it. I am totally addicted to Overstock too--just got my Bamboo Blinds there!

  8. Love the fixture, the ceiling and the overstock rug!! All of it looks wondeful!

  9. your new light fixture is so pretty!!! They have such an amazing section of lighting! I love the entryway rug design very pretty good choice, can't wait to see more of it

  10. Hooray for Overstock! That light fixture is stunning and the rug is perfect.

  11. Looks amazing! The new chandelier is perfect and it creates such a cool effect on your walls. The new rug is great!

  12. Holy balls! The new light is great. I have the same little crystals on my master closet light - took forever to get the all attached! I also love the rug, you're right that it best complements the style of your entry.

  13. wow! That chandelier and rug look PERFECT in your house. I will definitely have to check out

  14. Your dining room honestly looks AMAZING Jenny. AMAZING. The light is fabulous and just "goes" with the glam/classy look of the room and your entire house. You just ooze class. It's honestly so gorgeous, I'm still wiping drool.

    And, I really like the white offsetting on the ceiling. Go Derek.

    Will you come visit me and help me find lights and lamps and accessories? I'm just not good at it and you clearly are. I'll feed you and buy wine. ;)

  15. That light is so ooh la la! It's really sophisticated and looks great in the space!

    And, um, I love that IKEA rug? You selling...? ; )

  16. I like your rug choice, and your dining room is looking great! LOVE that ceiling...