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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Preserved Peppers


I have mentioned that no matter how many tacos we make, we cannot possibly use all the Anaheim and Jalapeño peppers that our two plants were producing.

I used this picture to illustrate my point…


And put all those peppers in the fridge to wait until the next batch was ready and figure out how to preserve all of them.


I think we won’t be planting these types of peppers next year.  Because we will have enough in the freezer to kick out the ice cream and popsicles.

This was just the second batch…pepper preserving

pepper preserving

pepper preserving

Since I don’t have a pressure cooker to can them….freezing was my main option.

I used a couple of approaches.

First the easy way….wash them , dry them and stick in a marked plastic bag before throwing it in the freezer.

pepper preserving

Rocket science. 

But I have to admit this was my favorite way.

The most time intensive method included de-seeding and slicing them up before putting them into the cuisinart.  Then chop them into itty bitty bits.

And spread into an ice cube tray.

pepper preserving

After a day in the freezer these cute pepper cubes popped right out.



In my mind, I will use my pepper cubes more frequently in recipes and stir fry's because all the work is already done.  At least that is what I was trying to convince myself of after chopping and deseeding for an hour.

And if I am being totally honest the bag of whole peppers going into the freezer got more friends in there as the chopping time marched on.

But the important thing is, they are all safely tucked in the freezer for our enjoyment…for a long time.

Actually the most important thing is that you wear gloves while you are chopping jalapeños.  I did.  And even then some of the hotness snuck in and the skin next to my fingernails was burning for a week.   Which was really difficult when I wanted to wear contacts. 

A random tip?  Know how you are supposed to drink milk when your mouth is on fire?  Well my fingers were burning so bad that a stuck them in  a bowl  of milk.  And it worked.  Not long term, but it provided relief for an hour or so before I dinked them again.

So be careful with the gloves.  Because that is a little weird to do when you are at work. 

Not that I know.

8 comments on "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Preserved Peppers"
  1. You are so freaking smart. And thanks for the milk tip - that's my least favorite thing about seeding peppers. Well, that and it's tedious.

  2. That is a whole lotta peppers! The ice cube tray trick is pretty clever too. I hope you get to use them all up!

  3. Ah I love the pepper cubes, neat idea! I froze and pickled a ton of peppers I got from my garden this year, too. :)

  4. Here's how I preserve peppers: I lay them out on my grill outside. Then I get out our propane blow torch thing (not sure what it's really called) then I roast the peppers with the flame. Totally blacken the peppers. Then I pop them in a plastic bag. The skins will sweat and when the peppers have cooled, you take the peppers out of the bag, rinse them off and the skins just fall right off, leaving behind a slightly cooked and deliciously roasted pepper you can then pop in a freezer bag. They will stick together during freezing, though, so I wrap them individually in plastic wrap before putting them in the freezer bag. Then I can get out just what I need when I'm cooking. A great way to preserve your peppers but add that yummy roasted flavor.

  5. Great ideas. Those are the coolest looking ice cubes ever!

  6. I am just about to turn my basil into pesto and freeze it using this method. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. I made the mistake of making jalapeno mashed potatoes one night without gloves. Ouch! After trying salt, ice water and butter, I called the hospital. They referred me to the Poison Control Center in Atlanta, and I learned the milk trick from them. Of course, I looked pretty silly with one hand in a pan of milk while I was eating my dinner, but it works!

  8. Vodka works your mouth, swish it around and spit it out. No more burning.

    On fingers, just soak for a few minutes.

    Of course, I would rather drink the vodka...but I chopped peppers a while back without gloves...and then discovered a fridge with no milk!