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Potholder Demons


Once upon a time there was a demon that lived in my old sewing machine.

And because of this demon, I was not able to make decent potholders no matter how much seam ripping was involved.  And let’s just say the seam ripper has never got quite the workout that the potholders provided.

Which was really embarrassing…because come on they are potholders.  Just like a tiny quilt block.  So should not be hard or complicated.  But it was and my potholders sat in the growing unfinished project pile, a victim of the sewing machine demon.  For months….

Until now….



Inspired by the new sewing machine, I was convinced that it had to be demons of the old one that were causing my failure.  Because it certainly could not have been my sewing skills.

Well it was a little of both.  The sewing machine helped immensely and at the Creative Connection, Kim and I took a class from Camille.  She gave me some pointers about what I was stupidly doing wrong.

Which I am not going to mention here because, well, they really were stupid mistakes.  Just trust me about that.  And learn from me…if something is repeatedly not working correctly, ask someone for help before ditching it in the unfinished projects stack.  Because after Minnesota, I came home with these….



So now that the potholder demon is gone, I can move on to other projects.  Like sewing large numbers of really boring drapes.  Or start the Christmas presents I swore last year while I was binding a quilt at 2am on December 24rd that I would begin in July.

Or I could always start on something more fun.  Like this……


I know what I am thinking…..

14 comments on "Potholder Demons"
  1. I want to learn to sew, but I don't know where to start! I need to dust off that old sewing machine, see if it works, then see what I need to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What gorgeous potholders! I'm glad you worked out the demons :) And I love the should definitely work on that first!

  3. U need to start selling these! How adorable!

  4. Could you tell me what book that FABULOUS bag is out of? Thank you!

  5. Your pot holders are the prettiest! I've been wanting to sew a diy bag forever, whats your sewing book called?

  6. i just finished a cosmo bag and i love it! i will say, it is labeled as "easy" and is it so not. if by easy she meant beginner. i am not a beginner (i have my own business sewing bags, burp cloths, etc..) but i found this bag to be better for someone who has a little sewing experience. so, easy if you have experience (you'll be fine) but not so much if you are just a beginner.
    happy sewing. the cosmo bag is bad cute!

  7. Your potholders are so cute! I also love that Cosmo bag.

  8. I really want to make these pot holders. I know my sister's in law would love these as Christmas gifts. Is there a pattern or did you just wing it?

  9. Haley-

    I know isn't it a great bag? It is from Amy Butler's Style Stitches. There are tons of great bags in there and I can't wait to try them!

  10. Sharon-
    That is really good advice! Just looking at the directions I was thinking it was not going to be "easy." But so worth it in the end!

  11. Clarice-

    The top ones I just made up on my own. The bottom three were from My Simple Kitchen pattern from Camille Roskelley. I think they would make great Christmas gifts!

  12. A. The potholders are so pretty. Perfection, Jenny.

    B. I want to make that bag. I just wish I could survive with no sleep. Maybe if we plan a date for a sewalong, I could make it work. What do you think? Are you willing to try it with me?

  13. That must be what's wrong with MY sewing machine. Sewing machine demons! Such a relief since I thought it was because I didn't have a clue. :-) Seriously now - your potholders turned out great! I think you should make the awesome bag, too.

  14. Thanks for the info