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Remember my blog friend turned real friend Kim who I was super happy did not turn out to be a creepy old man(although she is holding a mustache in this pic…..hmmmmm)?


Well she is having a 2nd annual Dare to Do it Yourself Blog Party.


This party was so much fun last year and I met so many great bloggers and got so much holiday inspiration.

Including Kim, since a link on another blog brought me to her party and the beginning of a great friendship.  She told me she expected flowers for our one year bloggy friendship anniversary.   Since we are DIYers maybe a set of paintbrushes would be more appropriate?

Of course I am super excited to participate this year.  Here is the line-up:

Party Date: Monday, Nov. 15

Dare to… be thankful!

Take some time making your own DIY Thanksgiving project. It could be a fun Thanksgiving advent calendar, a banner or something completely unique. Post about what you made, how you made it and photos in its new home.
(Last year's)

Party Date: Monday, Nov. 22
Dare to… entertain!

Show us your table! If you are not hosting Thanksgiving, take this opportunity to make your table look great. Bring out your dishes and napkins and set your table. I promise you that it will make you smile every time you walk by. Get creative and use new things. Or go true DIY and make something totally new.
(Last year's)

Party Date: Monday, Nov. 29

Dare to… eat cookies!

As we begin to attend holiday parties, share your favorite cookie recipe for all to enjoy. It’s like a digital cookie swap. Share the recipe and a review of the cookie. If you can, add a picture. And don't worry about the extra calories. At Christmas, cookies are calorie-free.
(Last year's)

Party Date: Monday, Dec. 6
Dare to… give homemade gifts!

Nothing is more special than a gift made by you. Try out something new to give this year - ideas include bath and body items, kitchen gifts, hand-sewn clothing or home decor. 
(Last year's)

Party Date: Monday, Dec. 13
Dare to… deck the halls!

Make something new to deck your halls. Did you find something in a catalog that you wish you had? Wreaths, stockings, pillows or advent calendars? Make it! Inspire us all to do the same.
(Last year's)

Party Date: Monday, Dec. 20
Dare to… have traditions!

Everyone has traditions for the Holidays. Tell us all about your favorites or start a new tradition to share.
(Last year's)

Super fun right?  Head over the NewlyWoodwards to join us in a great time!

1 comment on "Dare to DIY"
  1. awwww.... I (heart) my blog bff. So glad you are joining in again this year. And, so glad we found each other. ;) It's a wonderful world, this blogosphere. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Maybe I'll finish my table topper. haha

    (Love the pic of the two of us. Or, the three of us counting The Pioneer Woman in the background.)