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Flower Power


In honor of our first frost, I did some last minute flower cutting from the garden before they get zapped.  Which is very sad.

But to help me not come to grips with the fact that winter is coming very quickly, I spread some vases of prettiness around the house to help me pretend it is still summer.  Or at least early fall.  Happy thoughts.

This is not usually something I would blog about, because really flowers in a vase is not riveting. 

Being the non-flower designer I am, I usually cut some flowers and stick them in vase and call it good. But since all my plants even the non-flowering ones are on borrowed time right now, I added them to the mix.

And I could not believe what a variety of leaves did for my scrawny flowers. Hence why it gets a blog post.


They actually looked like I put some thought into it….


So now I can think summery thoughts while I at the computer…



Or washing dishes…..



How are you hanging onto summer?  Or are you telling winter to bring it on?

8 comments on "Flower Power"
  1. I really really miss summer. Mostly I'm just in denial about wearing a big coat everyday!

  2. I love and miss summer! I live in Delaware and my garden died over a month ago. No more blooms for us! I'm already in sweaters and boots. The only thing good about cold weather is the fashion.

  3. O wow!!! What beautiful colors your plants still had as of now! We had our first frost a few weeks ago. My mums are still beautiful though!

  4. Love your beautiful touches of color that cut flowers bring. I usually go to the grocery, pick up the $10 assorted-flower bouquet, separate them into little groups, and have smaller vases around the house with different varieties. That way it adds color to different rooms and keeps things bright in the gloomy winter months (since you're a fellow midwestern girl, you know what I'm talkin' bout). :) I also do this in Spring/Summer with garden fresh flowers.

    Happy Friday!

  5. What pretty little arrangements Jenny! I love that coleus leaf and your hosta leaves. Most everything is gone around here and I saw snow flakes today for the first time of the season! There's no stopping winter now...

  6. I miss summer already! I hate wearing big coats and boots. Maybe I need to get some flowers to cheer me up :)

  7. I love the leaves, Jenny. Looks so pretty. I brought home a $3.99 bouquet of roses from Aldis this week. I love fresh flowers.

  8. these flowers are gorgeous! and now i'm totally missing summer!