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Some Sun


We snuck off during spring break to California for some sun and family time.  Derek had a bad bout of H1N1 before we were supposed to leave that threatened our departure, but luckily he got well enough in time and I was able to leave the Lysol at home.  And the snow that fell the day we left.  Did I mention we were happy to leave?

Ahhhh San Diego…san diego trip

We were only there a short time but had lots of fun at the zoo.  And I set out on the mission of trying to snap some shots we could use in the nursery.  Now I just really need to sit down and figure out Photoshop.

san diego trip

san diego trip

san diego trip

san diego trip

san diego trip

And we ate lots of great food.  Derek’s aunt and uncle drove down to take us to a restaurant on Coronado island with great city and bay views.san diego trip

Although I have to admit not being able to drink sucks a lot more when you are on vacation.  See a cool bar that normally you would’ve liked to try?  Or when the flight attendant gives you free drinks to make up kicking you out of your prime seat.  Or…..never mind.  Just trust me.

In spite of my pregnancy induced sober status, we still have a great time.  We then took the train to L.A. to see Derek’s mom, stepdad and brother. 


The train was so much easier than renting a car and sitting in traffic. And for the first half of the trip we were literally right on the water.  The only negative was free wine, See above why that was considered a negative.

While we were in LA we of course had to make an IKEA trip.  I was hoping to find the perfect curtain fabric for the nursery.  While I did not see exactly what I wanted, we of course did not leave empty handed.

Cushion and pillow fabric-san diego trip

A light fixture that is hopefully somehow going to fit in the closest once we figure out how to assemble it-san diego trip

And miscellaneous toys and dog butt hooks-san diego trip

Luckily we did pack an extra duffel bag for all the IKEA goodies.

We also were lucky enough to have a baby shower while we were there and see Derek’s extended family.  Sadly, my camera sat in bag throughout the evening.  I did manage to snap this one though-

san diego trip My brother-in-law cooking bacon on the patio that morning because my mother-in-law did not want the smell in house for the shower. 


Note to self to not to leave the camera away next time.



Honey oak has officially been eradicated from another room.  The future nursery is oak free which feels nice. Now it only lives in some random closets that I have been too lazy to paint and the window in our second story entry that I cannot reach.  But I am just going to pretend that it is gone.



And current state:nursery progress

The construction is pretty much done and now we are getting closer to the fun part….decorating!

Some furniture has made its way in.  I am in love with our glider and all it’s orangeness.  Our color scheme is going to be aqua and orange.  Silly me assumed that orange baby stuff would not be difficult to find.  I was wrong, But nothing a little special ordering at a local furniture store could not fix.

nursery progress

And we set-up the crib in the midst of the construction.  As parenting newbies we did not realize that it was too large to fit through a doorway once it was assembled. So we had to cover it with a dropcloth and paint around it.  Live and learn.

nursery progress

The closet got a little orange treatment as well.

nursery progress

Is is bright?  Yes….but I promise not as neon as the picture makes it appear.  My new shopping weakness is also on display.  Who can resist buying cute baby things?

Now to the things I am stuck on and need some opinions.  The light fixture.

Because the sexy light bulb hanging from the wire is not permanent.  Very child friendly.

nursery progress

Option 1: a cute orange drum shade

land of nod

Pros: it is cute and orange and modern and not that expensive

Option 2: a ceiling fan


Pros:  It is practical for a warm room and babies seemed to be mesmerized by them (or so I have heard)

So what do you think?  Practicality or orangeness??  I am torn. 

While you are mulling that one over, I have another one for you.

The original plan was to refinish both of these dressers and use the long low one for a changing table.  Hence the changing table pad.  (ignore the baby unfriendly tool paraphernalia)

nursery progress

But after we got all the furniture in there and determined that this was the only configuration that would work, I got worried that the long dresser was…well too long.  And that the corner had too much “dresser” going on.

Not a lot of room in between the dresser and the glider for baby essentials such as a diaper pail, hamper, and ottoman.  I was also thinking a side table was necessary to set things while I am feeding baby.  Could get a little crowded.

nursery progress

Another option? 

A changing table that can be converted to bookshelves when baby is older a la

free furniture plans simple changing table 3

It is shorter than the dresser allowing more space for other stuff and it breaks up the whole 2 dresser corner thing. 

So what’s your vote….dresser or changing table?  And fan or drum shade? 

And then we can move onto more fun things….fabric!

Life Lately


Warning: This may contain the ugliest pictures I have ever posted.  Don’t look for prettiness here today.

So where have I been?  I am feeling human again and therefore have no excuse for being such a blog slacker.  Well let’s just say mother nature and the anything pretty house have not been friends lately. 

It all started with us  making progress on the nursery and I was having all kinds of fun painting built ins and trim.  I was so excited to share the progress.  But then I pulled the tape and the fresh ceiling paint and primer came off in chunks.  We had bare drywall.

How could that be?  I love my primer and paint and this has never happened before.  Wait a second….does the drywall feel wet?  No it just must feel cold.

Let’s look in the attic and move some insulation.

water damage

Yep definitely wet.

And is and more wetness paired with black stuff which appears to be mold or some other sort of nastiness.

water damage

Well let’s get a roofer here and clean it up and repaint the stupid ceiling after it dries out.

So we dried and scraped and repainted.  And had tons of fun fixing it.

And then Derek walked into the basement last week and splashed when he stepped on the carpet.

water damage

Hmmm everywhere you step, there is water splashing up.

Not good.

Our sump pump decided that it had had enough and stopped working.  Funny how a back up pump is not something you ever think about until you have a couple inches of dirty rainwater in your basement.

So all the carpet had to be ripped out.  And all the laminate.  And all the ugly peel and stick tile in the bathroom. And giant fans and dehudifiers joined the party.water damage

water damage

water damage

And since water seeped into the drywall as well….

water damage

….baseboards came off and holes were drilled to air it all out.water damage

Great fun.

So that is my posting has been a little off. 

Looking on the bright side, it could have been a whole lot worse.  It could have been sewage.  It could have ruined furniture or electronics or everything in the storage area which was luckily off the ground.  We could have not gone into the basement for days and had many times more water and damage to drywall.  We had insurance with sump pump coverage.  The carpet was old and I did not shed a tear when they hauled that out.  The laminate that we spent a weekend putting down was another story….but this is the bright side.

So the good news is that the basement has been moved up on the remodel list.  We had talked about it before but decided the money we needed to invest to make it the way we wanted it was not there right now for a space we rarely used.  And now the insurance company gets to help with part of that.

The bad news?  A huge remodel was not on the ole timeline right now.  And while the insurance is much appreciated for the floors and walls, the furniture, decor and big screen to make it an entertainment area will still be on us. 

So if you were worried that the nursery was going to be the only project going on, you can rest easy thanks to mother nature.  Now I just need to figure how the heck to make the basement be a “man’ space while the same time housing all the future toys.  And cheap too.  Should be interesting….