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Lessons from the Garden


So I have been a bad blogger….again.  I am not going to bore everyone with details but May was probably the most stressful month for us in a long time.  Some of the stress was positive like seeing friends and family many times as a result of great baby showers.  And some of it not so positive.  But it all worked out in the end and we are ready for June and bringing the blog back to life as I have so many things to share.  Note to baby: you better stay put the next five weeks because I have a lot to catch up on.  Got it? Good.

The blog was not the only thing that was neglected….my garden was looking very…..well overgrown and unkempt.  And not planted.

I am normally the person that people are looking at funny because I am trying to buy plants before the last frost date.  And I am feeding and weeding and planting and giving all the plants tender loving care on a nightly basis.

This year I did not even step outside to look at the plants that were coming back until the end of May.  Major garden guilt.   Another thing I was sucking at this spring to add to the list.

When I finally got the nerve to wade through the weeds to see what I was working with however I was pleasantly surprised.  Here is my advanced visual representation of the state of the garden.  Green =weeds.  Very high and thick weeds.


We had strawberries…without me doing anything.


And roses with no pruning or feeding…



And the beginnings of grapes and raspberries…


A good lesson about things surviving in spite of you and a lack of control is sometimes a good thing. 

Another lesson in giving up control was that Derek planted the vegetable garden this year…while I was not home.  Gardening is not his thing at all and we agreed to scale it back this year with the upcoming arrival of the baby.  And I knew I needed his help lifting and tilling. But he surprised me with this….


For a before picture, please refer to above.

Did he pick all the plants I would of?  No.  Or put them in the location determined by seasonally rotating varieties? No.  But it was weeded and composted and planted.  And done. And I learned another lesson about giving up control and things turning out OK. 

On a semi-related note of not doing things when I planned, I wanted to update you on my painted outdoor pots.  When I first posted the tutorial last year, someone wondered how they would last.

I had planned on moving them into the garage for the winter.  Really. But then the whole morning sickness thing happened and they sat outside all winter and I did nothing (see the theme of the post?) to prep them.

I think they held up incredibly well (the specks on the bottom are dirt).


However in the interest of full disclosure we did have one crack/chip that I noticed.


So if you are thinking or painting pots but are hesitant on their wear….don’t worry about it and you can even do nothing like me!

Has your garden taught any needed lessons this year?

9 comments on "Lessons from the Garden"
  1. There's no such thing as a bad blogger. One year I was working 70+ hours per week, training for an Olympic triathlon, and trying to be a mom to three kids. It was tough. My mother-in-law weeded and mulched my flower gardens and my husband planted the vegetable garden, weeded it, and harvested it. The same - it wasn't the plants I would have chosen, it wasn't where I would have put them, but they did great and so did he. This year I wrestled back control and he's grateful for it, but I learned that he is more than capable of handling things on his own. :)

  2. I totally understand having to give up control of some things and letting your husband take over. It's tough! Our first child is due in October and he doesn't seem to be on the same schedule as I am with nursery decor. It can be quite frustrating sometimes.

  3. Don't feel badly, everyone goes through blogging ups and downs. :)

    Those roses are so pretty! That pink and white one makes me want to plant roses just so I can have one like it.

  4. Glad you're back! I was missing your posts. The garden looks great; Derek did fine on his own. I'm looking for a small wheelbarrow or cart to plant with flowers for the centerpiece of a planted area that has all low-growing plants. Any ideas on where I might find such a thing?

  5. Like you our outdoors hasnt been a on the to do list - though our front lawn and flower beds there still get love! We planned to start are garden last weekend, but our son arrived 2 wks early!! Make sure you get lots of rest and chill, it will at still be there :) Oh our roses came back fuller even though I didn't prune them!!

  6. Good luck with baby staying put! I have 2 weeks to go, and DH will be away for the due hoping ours puts in an appearance before Monday morning!

  7. Sometimes gardens just want to be left alone. ;-) Some of the best things I've ever grown I had nothing to do with. LOL Pumpkins once grew out of my compost all by pumpkins ever. You can only do what you have time and energy for! Good luck in these last bits of time before the baby arrives. :-)

  8. Glad to hear all is well! Your garden looks great. Hope your little one stays put and doesn't get antsy like Will!!

  9. I think gardening can be a total lesson in the fact that we are not in control. Weeds. Weather. Bugs. I'm learning that, too. Your husband is totally awesome to plant it all for you. Yay!