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Nursery Source List


As promised here is the source list for all the nursery items that got too long for the last post.  Frankly this post got a little long too, but I wanted to list everything as my pet peeve is wanting to know where that one little item came from and not being able to figure it out. 

As you can see most of items were DIY or came from a  non-baby store.  Let me know if I missed anything!

completed nursery

Wall Color: Tame Teal by Sherwin Williams

Ceiling Color: Posy by Sherwin Williams

Trim Color: Ace Cabinet and Trim Paint in High Hiding White

Ceiling Fan: Lowe’s

completed nurserycomplete nursery

completed nursery

Dog paintings: Homegoods

Lamp: Wal-Mart and DIYed with orange spray paint

Lampshade: Target

Blue Frame: Target

Blue Tray: Target

Hourglass: Homegoods

White plate: Homegoods

Baby booties/hats- gifts

Dresser- hand-me-down.  DIYed with glaze detailed here.

completed nursery

Glider/Recliner: Best Chair recliner special ordered at local furniture store

Pillow on chair: DIY  Fabric-Geo Grand by Daisy Janie

Ottoman: DIY using Amy Butler’s Gum drop pillow pattern (larger size).  Fabric- IKEA

Faux Sheepskin rug- Home Decorator’s Collection

Wall Bookshelves: DIY (how-to blogged here)

Quilt on Chair: Sewn by me (to be blogged about soon, just could not wait to post whole nursery)

Drapes: DIY- Fabric-Premier Prints Ele Village in Brown/White

completed nursery

Stump Table: DIY (how-to blogged here)

Books: Gifts

Agate Coaster: Z Gallerie

Flowers: our garden

completed nursery

Crib: Target- Dwell Studio (no longer available on their website)

Pinwheel Mobile: DIY (how-to blogged here)

Abacus: DIY (how –to blogged here)

Stuffed Moose: IKEA

Pillow in Crib: DIY with leftover fabric

Quilt: DIY- Coming Soon pattern (blogged here)

Crib Sheet: DIY-Fabric- Central Park by Kate Spain (blogged here)

Crib Skirt: DIY- Fabric- Metro Living by Robert Kaufman (blogged here)

Orange Tub-Target or Wal-Mart (can’t remember)

Toys and Blankets in Tub-gifts

completed nurserycompleted nursery

Dog Butt Hooks: IKEA

Sign above Door: Homegoods

Backpack: Gift

complete nursery

Convertible Changing Table: DIY from Ana White’s plan (blogged here)

Changing Pad Cover: gift

Polka-Dot Fabric Box: DIY (blogged here)

Blue Crates: Target, but they are the Closetmaid boxes you can find anywhere

Baskets: Homegoods

Basket Liners: DIY-Fabric- Metro Living by Robert Kaufman (blogged here)

Mirror: Homegoods with a DIY navy blue spray paint job

LOVE print: Made by Girl

completed nursery

1: Watercolors found on Etsy from HamjArt

2: Mirror from IKEA (stained with MinWax Jacobean)

3: Enlarged personal pictures from San Diego Zoo

4: DIY initial- basically took a canvas and a wood letter, painted them and superglued.  Super easy.

5: Soon to be authentic hand/footprints mounted on a painted canvas

6: Soon to be hospital bracelets-currently the fortunes that Derek had in his cookies the day we heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time (both said “girl”)

Frames: Various craft stores (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, Michael’s) and from my existing stash

complete nurserycomplete nursery

complete nursery

All pillow covers sewn by me and removable for easy washing.  Fabrics:

1:Herringbone from Modern Meadow line by Joel Dewberry

2: Color Beat by Jennifer Sampou

3: IKEA (on clearance at $2 a yard) over 3 inch high density foam from JoAnn’s

4: Bubble Burst by Anna Maria Horner

5:  Drawing Room Volumes by Anna Maria Horner

6: Woodgrain from Aviary 2 line by Joel Dewberry

completed nurserycompleted nursery

Dog Bank: Target

Baseball glove:  ?-this was a dad purchase

Books: gifts

Elephant: San Diego zoo

Cross: Vatican

Giraffe: gift

Train: Homegoods

7 weight: Homegoods

completed nurserycompleted nursery

Giraffe: gift

Frame: gift

Blankets: gifts

Silver scooter: Z Gallerie

Books: gifts

Toy: gift

Monkey: gift

completed nurserycompleted nursery

Closet Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Inventive Orange

Light Fixture: IKEA-rigged to make shorter to fit the space

Whew…who knew that much stuff would be for such a little baby?

Let me know if I missed something!

16 comments on "Nursery Source List"
  1. I have loved following along for this room; so fun and put together! I believe you've thought of everything and love that almost everything is handmade and customized... Great work!

  2. Oh my gosh your entire nursery is just amazing! I can't believe how put-together and complete it is. I have never had that much under control and ready for a baby :) It looks so great, you should be so proud of all your hard work!

  3. Wow! This nursery is fabulous. And you made ANOTHER quilt? You are amazing, girl. I can't wait to see it.

    Love the shelves and storage everywhere, especially in the window seat area. And that pouf looks amazing. How long did it take you? (Purely hypothetically, since I haven't started yet.)

  4. This nursery is just so fantastic in so many ways. I love the orange and blue. It's just perfect.

  5. I love how the nursery turned out! I am in the same boat as you - due the 17th with our first little guy, although I have a feeling I'll see the 17th come and go with no baby. In doing my last minute nursery touches I might "borrow" some of your ideas!

    And I can totally relate to how you feel about nesting - I don't know if I can do any more dishes or loads of laundry without attacking the clean clothes & dishes!

  6. Can I just say this amazing!!!! Cutest little boys room I have seen!!!

  7. I still can't believe you found time to do all of this when you were also working full time! It is fabulous! The ideas are all suitable for a baby, but they will grow with him as well and not need to be changed for years to come! Soooo many DIY projects; I can't believe it! Wonderful room all the way around! I think it's your best one yet!

  8. I love, love, love how put-together and yet unthemed this looks! Super fun.

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  10. Wow, that is an extensive list. Lots of work for you but it was really nice of you to do.

  11. Check you out!!

  12. I really like the decor and the simplicity of the room.Every room has it's own dynamics and therefore it is nice to maintain them.What a babies room it is better to have rounded furniture and bright colors.

  13. Lovely nursery!
    And the dog butt hook is so so cute, sadly there is no ikea in Argentina yet, so i will just envy you!

  14. Wow! This nursery is fabulous! Love it!

  15. This nursery is just so fantastic in so many ways. I love the orange and blue.