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I Hate Sewing Drapes


Every time we talk about revamping a room I hunt for that perfect fabric for drapes.  I enjoy finding the perfect complement to the decor and knowing that whipping up some lined panels is not difficult.  Ahhhh…

Except that I hate making curtains.  I always seem to forget this small detail in the fun part of the search but as the months pass by and the massive amounts of yardage sit collecting dust in my craft room as I remember all the crappy ironing, pinning, measuring, wrestling with large amounts of fabric and plain boringness of sewing drapes.

Over I a year ago I washed our office drapes and they shrank.  Which made them look like we were going to have a flood anytime.  Not to mention sun shone through the loops at the top of them which made them look…well cheap.  And too small for the window.


This bothered me every morning as I walked down the stairs.  And it bothered me enough to find and buy fabric on my IKEA trip.  Over one year ago.


I could pretend that some bolt of inspiration made me get over my curtain making hating ways.  Or that I really was going to be the queen of finishing projects this year. 

Or maybe it was because I want to buy fabric for the basement drapes and I knew I could not justify that with both office and kitchen drape fabric still inhabiting my craft room.   I let you be the judge of which one sounds more like me.

Anyway no matter what the reason…they are D-O-N-E.

how to fake pinch pleat curtains


And I love them.

how to fake pinch pleat curtains

As you can see, they needed to be washable as our two furry friends are their constant companion.  This time I was smart and pre-washed both the drapery fabric and the lining so our shrinking problem will not repeat. 

We also moved the curtain rods to hang them higher and wider so that the windows would look larger.

But I did not just want to show you the new curtains, I also wanted to share my trick for faking pinch pleats.

how to fake pinch pleat curtains

I wanted some pleats but I also wanted to use my existing hardware.  So I sprayed the back of the top tab with starch to stiffen it up…

how to fake pinch pleat curtains

And then I pleated it and stuck the clip of the ring halfway down the top to fake pinch pleat curtains

The starch keeps it stiff and non-floppy at the top and you can’t see where the clips are attached.  And you get pleats.  Super easy and can be redone in a snap for washing.

how to fake pinch pleat curtains

With the completion of the drapes the office mini-makeover is now complete which I can’t wait to share.  Since it has only been a year since it was started. 

Mark your calendars for this time next year when I am ready to unveil the basement drapes.  Because did you really think I was really going to be finisher this year?

8 comments on "I Hate Sewing Drapes"
  1. I love the drapes -- the pattern is gorgeous and they came out great!

  2. Smart to wash everything in advance this time! Can't wait to see them in person when we are there... they look great!

  3. Wow, those look great! I am totally doing the pleat trick in the nursery.

  4. (Cough cough) It was well over a year. ;) Totally kidding, because I understand. Making curtains sucks. A lot.

    But it's worth it. And your curtains look awesome! The fabric is even more awesome than I remember and the pinch pleats are kind of genius. Wish I would have seen this before battling with mine. =)

  5. looks great and I love the fabric. Let us know how long the starch holds up for the fake pinch pleats.

  6. They look fantastic! :)

    I'm dreading this same chore at my house.. ugh.. And I know it's going to take a month's worth of baby naptimes for me to finish them. Doesn't it seem like every last project takes a million times longer with kids??

  7. That fabric is terrific! I love bold is just an easy way to add color and pattern to a room...and when you sew far cheaper than rugs.

  8. Hi - Can you give some more info on how you clipped/hung the ends of the curtains? I can't seem to figure that piece out, which is totally cramping the style of my faux-pinch pleat look! Thanks a bunch - the curtains above look great :)