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Four Things


1. We are in full fledged summer mode. 



IMG_8949Baseball gaming, strawberry picking, family vacation mode.  Which is heavenly.

2. The garden is growing and I have decided to ignore the weeds and pretend I planted them.



Gardening with an almost two year old is much different than an almost one year old.  He now loves to help.  Salad ripping and spinning is one of his favorite activities.   If he would only eat the fruits of his labor.

by @anythingpretty1

3. DIY is in full swing around here.  So many posts to write, so little time.  One of which is my new and improved craft room.  Should be ready for unveiling next week.  Or as soon as I have time to take some decent pictures.  It is my new happy place.


4. As I am sure you are aware, Google reader’s final day is today.  Sniff.  I have moved over to Bloglovin’ and would love it if you followed me over there as well.

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Hope everyone has a happy 4th!  We will be enjoying more summer fun.  And writing some posts. 

1 comment on "Four Things"
  1. Love your strawberry photos! I hear you on wishing the kids would eat veggies...I cannot get Ashford to look at a vegetable, or fruit for that matter.