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Anyone Still There?


So my sporadic blogging turned into non-existent blogging.  And even non-existent instagramming.  Which is sad.  Not because we have not been busy doing blog worthy things.  It has been mostly because of this.It's a boy!

We are expecting Baby Boy #2 in April! We are really excited to expand our family with another little boy and Carter could not be more thrilled.

At least about the balloons.  He does not really understand what is going to happen to his world in a couple of months.

Knowing that the first trimester was going to bring me to my knees did not necessarily make it any easier.  Once we got the positive test, the clock was ticking because we knew that in approximately two weeks we would enter survival mode.  This time with a two year old that still needed to be fed and entertained.  And no instagram or pinterest for that matter because taking a chance that food pictures were going to pop into my feed was not worth the risk.

A month into the second trimester I was finally feeling like myself again and we have been super busy with projects.  Mainly the big boy room (which is super close to being wrapped up) but also office reorganization to make room for toys (Christmas and grandparents were good to Carter) and other smaller projects.  And a craft room redo that has been done for awhile but needs to be posted.  All things that I am super excited about.  Especially that big boy room.

I hope to move from not blogging anything back to the sporadic posting.  And at least get back on instagram.  Oh and have a baby. Big goals for 2014 here.

I hope you are staying warm.  Carter and I have not left the house in three days because of the weather and temperatures.  And a toddler fever.  But the house is warm and the fire is going.  It may just be the perfect weather to start on another blog post and make that resolution happen.  Or take a nap.

8 comments on "Anyone Still There?"
  1. I was so happy when I saw the big news on your Christmas card. So excited for you and happy to see you pop back into my feed. I hope you'll be able to ease back into the blog (and Instagram) world. I love keeping up with you.

  2. Congrats! Very exciting!!! 2 boys will be lots of fun. Lots. :) So happy for you!

  3. I'm I mom of two boys...hang in there!!

  4. As always I love your posts and so happy for you and your family!! Another boy is pure joy!! :) Congrats!

  5. Congratulations on baby #2!! My boys are 3 and 5... And love each other to pieces (when they're not fighting, of course!). I hope you enjoy a house full of boys as much as I have!

  6. Congrats!! Two boys! It will be fun. Crazy, but fun!

  7. What exciting news! Congratulations, so happy for you all!

  8. What happy news, congrats! I am terrified of having more than one...not sure yet if I can do it, but I am decidedly not a 'born mom!'